Adding Value To Your House with Home Improvements

This year we have been in our home 10 years, I really cannot believe where the time has gone, it only seems like yesterday we came to look at the house. We had sold our house and after two houses had already fallen through, we decided to rent for a while and take our time … Read more

Just How Big Is Your Eco Footprint?

It could be a lot larger than you realise, depending on your lifestyle habits. For instance, you might be one of those homeowners who constantly leaves the lights on in different rooms around the property. If that’s the case, you’ll be wasting a lot in electricity. The good news is that you can cut back … Read more

Turning Your House Into a Family Home

A house is a building with four walls, a roof, and a front door. A home is place where memories are created, where families love, challenge, argue with, and support each other. It’s one big complicated mess, but we absolutely couldn’t live without it. Our love fills the rooms, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t … Read more

Top Tips for Buying a New-Build

  Buying a brand new home can often be more affordable and feel more special than buying an older home, especially if it is your first home as a family. However, buying a new-build does not come without its challenges. With that in mind, here are some top tips for getting through the process in … Read more

Universal Home Decor Conundrums Solved Once and For All

Given that our homes are a unique reflection of our family, it’s somewhat surprising that most of us encounter the same issues when it comes to decor. You would think every single home would be individual, with its problems directly correlating with the inhabiting family. Instead, up and down the UK you will see the … Read more