Is it time to update our Floors ?

Next month Lochlan turns 18 and Xene will be 20, I have no idea where that time has gone, it only seems like yesterday we were making the decision to purchase this house and Xene was 9 and just coming back from a trip away with the school, soon it will be Eowyn’s turn. (we … Read more

Three Family Friendly Floors

Having children changes everything. You start reconsidering everything around you, and your house is one of those things. Everything inside can be a potential danger for them, so you decide to child proof everything. But what about your floor? This post brings you three floors that are child-friendly not only because they are safe for … Read more

The Top Five Places to Live in the UK: Why Move?

Last month, the results of a poll by a leading bank named the best places to live in the UK. Using a variety of stats such as earnings, health, crime rates and life expectancy, the poll came up with a few surprise results. The best place to live in the UK was the district of … Read more

Advice for Decorating a Neutral Bedroom

When it comes time to decorate your home, choosing the correct colours for walls is an important part of the process. One beautiful and classic option is to paint the room in neutral colours, and then allow the decorations to make a statement. If you are looking to decorate a neutral bedroom, here are some … Read more

How to decorate with statement furniture in your home

What exactly is statement furniture? While the word itself is a declaration on its own, it doesn’t have to mean anything too garish or unusual. It could be a piece of furniture that is over-exaggerated in its design, bold in its colour or completely unique – ultimately it’s all about what speaks to you. To … Read more

cosy autumn updates for the home

With the clocks due to go back next weekend (hooray an extra hour in bed!) the nights will be drawing in sooner and the temperature will start to drop. Today I heard the gaggle of geese flying overhead, signalling their migration to a warmer climate (only a little bit jealous) I am currently decorating the … Read more