Top Tips To Keep The House Cool in Hot Weather

Looks like the nice warm weather is going to continue a little longer. When it comes to combating extreme hot weather at home, there are many natural and effective ways which you can achieve the coolness you desire.

As soon as the hot weather comes, your first plan of action might be to install home air conditioning from a company such asĀ but rather than do that straight away, there are other effective means you can try out. check out these top tips to keep the house cool in the hot weather

  • Try cooking outside/Tweak your cooking

A home-cooked meal is always so great especially if you have a big family. But using the oven or stovetop can easily heat up the house. To combat this, you can simply cook on the barbecue outside or utilise the microwave for your cooking. If you must cook with your oven, cook in the morning when it is coolest.

  • Your windows and Blinds come in handy

It can be tempting to open the windows as soon as you feel the heat during the day, but don’t be too hasty. Opening the windows during the day can bring in more heat to the house. What you would rather do is to keep the blinds closed during the day thereby keeping the heat generating sun rays out. At night, you can open your windows and blinds to allow cool air in.

  • Fans

Whether it’s a ceiling fan, standing fan or portable fan, it can play a significant role in keeping you cool. Fans have a way of circulating cool air around the house. You can be innovative by placing a bowl of cold water in front of the fan, so it blows the cool air across the room

  • Switch off your appliances

Appliances are one of the major sources of unwanted heat at home. Appliances often give off heat when they are on. Accumulation of this heat added to the already hot weather can make the house unbearable. Simply switching off your home appliances when not in use can assist you in keeping your house cool considerably. In addition to that, you can switch to energy saving bulbs which give out low energy. Switching off your appliances is a win on two fronts; not only do they reduce heating, you also save yourself money from electricity bills.

  • Plenty of Liquids and Ice Cubes

As soon as the weather gets warmer everyone drinks more fluids, therefore ensure you have an abundance of ice cubes ready in your freezer, along with your favourite Ice Lollies, if your household is anything like mine, the children go through hundreds of ice pops and ice lollies during the hot weather.

And there you have it, top tips to keep the house cool in the hot weather, although the British weather is pretty unpredictable so we may be back to winter woollies in no time!

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