Benefits of Spending Time With Family

There are so many Benefits of Spending Time With Family, here are just a few.

Family time is important for both adults and children. In our everyday busy life, even the best of us tend to push quality family time to the back burner. While family time should be a priority, adult life is hard and busy, bring children into the picture and it seems time just flies by. If you’re wondering how to spend more family time together and struggling with coming up with creative ways to put this time together as a priority, you’re not alone and today I have some tips to help you make sure you put this time together to the top of your task list.

How To Spend More Family Time Together

Throw A Party For Everyone

With a large family it is easy to forget about extended family members, when a birthday comes round the place already feels busy and crowded, imagine a family with one child having a birthday and inviting both sets of grandparents to celebrate, that’s only seven people! If you don’t have enough room at home to fit everyone in, there are plenty of big houses to rent for a fantastic family celebration, where everyone can get together, i’m sure all the children would love to spend time at the party houses with their cousins, aunts and uncles.

Start A Family Night

Make a date that once per week you’ll have a family night. No matter how old your kids get this is one night where everyone, parents included, must be in attendance and present for some family time. You could do a family night with movies, board games, or a hike. It really doesn’t matter your family night plans are, it just matters that you make one night per week a strict family night together.

Eat Dinner Together

Some parents may work nights while others work daytime hours, depending on your work schedule try to make sure that you all eat at least one meal together. If dinner time is a busy time, and more difficult to schedule as a nightly plan, then do lunch or breakfast together every day to squeeze in some family time without having to adjust other schedules.

Family Vacation

Try to plan a once a year family vacation, this could just be one weekend away together. No matter how tight your family budget is, you can easily schedule a once a year family vacation. Try to save throughout the year so that a family vacation, even just two days away together, happens no matter what’s going on in all of your lives. 

A Black African American family of two parents and two children, two girls, cycling together.

Exercise Together

As your children get older, they may want to focus on health and fitness. Make this a family affair where you all exercise together. You can do home workouts, hit the gym or just do a daily walk or hike together. Maybe you could buy bicycles for everyone and plan a family bicycle ride each day for exercise as a means to spend more family time together.

There are many small ways to adjust your lifestyle so that you can spend more family time together. The benefits of Spending Time With Family are huge. I hope that the ideas I’ve shared today will inspire you and your family to carve out some time together as often as possible. Children grow up too fast, it’s important to make the most of the time you have together before the children move on in life as adults with their own busy family schedules.

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