7 tips to organise your bathroom and keep it that way

Do you find yourself organising your bathroom and then, within a couple of weeks, it starts to slide back to how it was? Make-up is mixed with medicines and somehow there are three tubes of toothpaste? 

If this sounds familiar, read on for some top tips from professional home organisers to organise your bathroom, and keep it that way! 

Organising your bathroom can be a daunting task. They’re tricky spaces. Often there’s not much storage at all, or very shallow wall cupboards that don’t give you much usable space. 

Putting some thought into how you can make your bathroom work better for you is well worth the effort though. A tidy and organised bathroom not only looks better but will save you time hunting for things and keep your morning and evening bathroom routines stress-free. 

Here are 7 tips to keep your bathroom organised.

  1. Declutter with a plan: Getting rid of things you don’t want is always the first step in any organising project, but before you start, really think about how you want to use your bathroom. Do you put your make-up on in the bathroom, or is the lighting actually better in your bedroom? Do you do your hair there or is there more space somewhere else? Decide what will make your routines easier and work around that.
  • Get rid of the unnecessary: Take out everything that you either don’t want, or would make more sense to be elsewhere. This could be old towels that have seen better days, expired cosmetics or medicines, or even decorative items which are taking up space, and that you maybe don’t love as much as you once did. 
  • Give everything a home: Group like with like and designate a space for everything, so you always know where to find things. All makeup should be together, all face creams, all dental kit, etc. When you’re deciding where to put things, think about how you use the room. When you’re standing in front of the sink you need to easily reach your toothbrush, and when you’re standing in the shower you need to easily be able to grab a towel. 
  • Use Vertical Space: Make use of the vertical space in your bathroom by installing shelves and hooks. Floor space is often limited in bathrooms, so this will give you valuable extra storage to keep things organised and uncrowded. 
  • Use containers: Storage within storage! Bathrooms often house a bunch of teeny tiny things, and that’s a quick route to chaos. Keep things in check by using smaller containers within your cupboards and drawers to break up the space and increase your chances of keeping things tidy. Similar items should be kept together in each container so you always know where to find things. 
  • Keep Surfaces Clear: Keep surfaces such as your sink, worktops, and bath clear of clutter if at all possible. Sometimes that means being harder on yourself when it comes to the editing, but the visible clutter will switch on the stress hormones in your body and take away that feeling of calm and relaxation that we want from our bathrooms. 
  • Make it look pretty: Your bathroom is more likely to stay organised if it’s a place you enjoy being in. Treat yourself to some pretty containers like bamboo lidded jars for the cotton buds, or a gorgeous woven basket for towels. Think calm and restful spa vibes…..!
  • Create some new routines: Once you have thoroughly decluttered your bathroom, created clear zones for the different categories of items that you have, and bought some beautiful containers to elevate the space into a room that you love to be in, it’s time to make sure you can maintain it. Follow just a couple of simple rules to help you keep on top of everything.  

Start by making sure you put everything back after each use. This should be easy now that your bathroom is less full, and everything has a clearly defined space, but it’s easy to slip back into bad habits.

Regularly declutter so you don’t allow things to build up. Ideally you want to try to stick to a one in one out system, so you’re not buying more than you have space for, but if you’ve been on a shopping spree and notice a container is getting a little full, take a minute to have a look through and see if anything is out of date or no longer wanted. The key to staying organised is more about regular decluttering than any other tips or hacks. 

By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom organised for the long term. A well-organised bathroom will not only make your life easier, but will also create a peaceful and stress-free environment that you can lie back and relax in. So, enjoy!

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