Why Big Families Are Choosing RVs

When it comes to family holidays, things are changing. More and more people are choosing RVs or motorhomes instead of the usual combination of flight and hotel. And it’s leading to a fundamentally different attitude towards the vacation experience. No longer is it about the pool or the buffet breakfast experience. Instead, there’s something grittier and more raw about the whole adventure. 

So why are big families choosing RVs?

The Lower Long-Run Costs

Economic incentives are potent things. When prices fall, interest in the affected products rises. 

RVs aren’t cheap to buy upfront. But if you use them enough, they can radically reduce your bills, to the point where you actually wind up saving money over the long-haul. 

Think about how much it costs to go on holiday with more than four kids. You have to buy separate plane tickets, hotel rooms and restaurant meals. It costs a fortune. 

Now compare that to the cost of buying & financing an RV and using it for a couple of holidays per year for a decade or more. When you do that, you slash your outgoings and can reduce the upfront cost of accommodation to zero. Plus, you don’t have to worry about flights either. You’re free to conquer whatever territory is in range. 

If you follow this maintenance checklist, you can also keep the costs of keeping the RV on the road down. Again, this saves you money and helps to reduce the price of travelling as a large family. 

The Ability To See More Of The World

Families are also rejecting manicured, all-inclusive holidays for something a little more rugged and unscripted. People, in general, are tired of clinical experiences that never take them out of the comfort zone. They want something that’s a genuine challenge and helps them to grow as people. 

The Fact That You Can Schedule A Holiday Whenever You Want

If you get the urge to go on holiday this weekend, what are your options? If you don’t have an RV, your choices are pretty limited. Pretty much the only thing you can do is look for last-minute deals on travel sites. 

That’s not the case when you have an RV. You’re free to go where you like, when you like, how you like, pretty much whenever you like. So long as the public roads are open – which they usually are – you’re free. 

Compare that to travelling by aircraft in an era of COVID-19, and you quickly see the difference.

The Fact That You Can See More Of A Place

Tour buses are great for transporting you from one tourist site to another. But they’re nothing compared to having your own vehicle. When you have an RV, you’re free to pinball between whichever combination of stop-offs you like. If you don’t feel like travelling down the tried-and-tested tourist routes, you can. Just park up your vehicle by the side of the road and take a hike along tracks and off-road paths. Or pull into a local parking lot and have your fun from there. 

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