What Are The Most Important Appliances To Have In Your Home?

Convenience and efficiency are what it’s all about – why wouldn’t you want to have appliances in your home that save you time and effort and give you fantastic results?

Of course, you will want to have those appliances, but there’s a problem – there are just too many of them to have one of everything. For one thing, it would be expensive, and for another, where would you put them all?

That’s why you’ll usually need to narrow things down and only invest in the most important appliances. With that in mind, here are some of the most crucial ones to get. 


Perhaps the most important appliance of them all if you want to keep your food and drinks fresh and cold is your fridge. Even if you decide against everything else on this list (and you could potentially do without them), a fridge is essential. 

The fridge keeps your food fresh, it means you can use leftovers for longer (saving you money), and stops food from spoiling, which can make you sick (and wastes money). And, since there are various styles and sizes you can pick from, some with extras like water and ice dispensers, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and fits your kitchen. 

Tumble Dryer

Although it’s great to be able to line-dry your clothes when you can, especially as it saves you money on your energy bill and is better for the environment, the reality is that you can’t do it all year round, and even when it’s spring or summer, the weather sometimes means it’s just not possible. 

Rather than trying to drip dry all your laundered clothes indoors (or not washing anything at all, which will leave you short or cause you to wear dirty items), it’s wise to have a tumble dryer on hand.

Dryers work quickly, and if you get an energy-efficient one, it’s not such a drain on your energy either. Plus, once you’ve invested in a good one, they’re fairly easy to maintain, especially when parts like the OEM dryer heating element can be found online. 


A dishwasher might seem like a luxury since you can do your washing up in the kitchen sink, but when you consider how much time a dishwasher saves you, you might be tempted – a couple of minutes to load and unload compared to the time it takes to do the dishes (especially if there are a lot or they’re particularly dirty) could be exactly the reason you decide to buy one of these appliances. 

But then there’s the environmental factor. There are all kinds of myths about dishwashers, including the one that suggests you’ll be using a lot of water, which is something we should be avoiding.

However, the truth is that dishwashers don’t use as much water as you might think, and it’s often less than washing up would do, so you might actually be doing more harm than good trying to clean your dishes by hand. 

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