RESCUE’s top tips For Exam Season

Neva is currently mid way through her GCSEs, Lochlan has just handed in his final piece for his HND and Xene has just completed her second year of uni, so stress levels have been pretty high here for the last few weeks! Neva is now over halfway, and is counting down the days until she finishes!

RESCUE Remedy® has teamed up with, Chief Destressing Officer from The Stress Management Society, Neil Shah, to provide some brilliant tips on how to keep on top of the exam period, while remaining calm and focused:

Manage your study time

It is important to schedule your work. Draw up a balanced and realistic revision schedule and stick to it. Studying for long periods of time will not benefit you in the long term as human brains can only maintain concentration for 90 minutes at one time. Have regular breaks and schedule time to do the things you enjoy. Also, be aware of when you work best; some people prefer studying early in the morning and others prefer to stay up late. When are you most productive?

Stop comparing yourself with others

Adopt a revision technique that works for you: Everyone has a different approach to revision. Choose your own method and find the revision style that suits you. Some examples are: revising alone in a quiet room, revising with a friend, going to the library, playing music in the background, working on the computer and so on.

Manage your study space

Avoid technology, television or social media when you are studying. Keep your study room clean and clear to avoid distractions.

Keep a healthy lifestyle

Eat right and don’t skip any meals, especially breakfast. Good nutrition fuels your brain as well as your body. Also make sure you keep hydrated as your brain can only function at its best when hydrated. When in a state of stress, our bodies are expecting a physical response – fight or flight. Engaging in physical activity such as short walks in the park, going to the gym or simply some stretching is the best way to burn off your stress and re-gain focus.

Get support

If you find that you are feeling stressed, allow yourself a break to spend some time with your relatives or your friends. Some social interaction will take your mind off revision for a while and give you a mental break. You can then go back to revision feeling reenergised and focused. Also, don’t be afraid to get some help. Teaching is often the best way of learning; why not try to teach/present different topics to different friends?

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Don’t sacrifice a good night’s sleep for a night cramming your revision. Every student has been tempted to or has done this but it is a false economy. The temptation may be to stay up late and use every hour available to revise if you are really conscientious or cram for the night before an exam if you are last minute. Cramming is a poor revision strategy and not getting enough sleep can hinder your concentration, mood, memory and judgement. Sleep is so important to maintain good mental and physical health. It is natures healer; the opportunity for your brain and body to repair themselves from the stresses of the day and build and develop for the future. Don’t be tempted to forego it!

It’s so important to take a moment to take inner control and maintain your balance before those exams. Stay on top of your game and keep RESCUE Remedy by your side. It is a combination of five specially blended Bach™ Original Flower Essences and can be used anytime, anywhere. You could even take a tin of RESCUE Pastilles or packet of RESCUE PLUS® Lozenges into the exam room with you.

Neva has had the pastilles in her bag at school and she says they have definitely helped her to stay calm and relaxed, she is probably THE most stress when it comes to exams, she want’s to get top in everything, so pushes herself sometimes a little too hard!

9 thoughts on “RESCUE’s top tips For Exam Season”

  1. Brilliant tips for exam stress. I could have done with something like that when I was doing mine! I’ll definitely take some on board for my son.

  2. Those are really great tips – i always keep saying same things to my daughter on the end of the day she needs to be relaxed and not piling on the stress x

  3. love this topic! every single one of them is such an important guide. Taking exam was never easy so we need to be prepared. Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Fab tips, my son will be going through his GCSE’s this time next year and I hope he can stay calm. He took the rescue spray when he was doing his first proper practice exams this year he did find it really helped him


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