Tips To Spend More Time with Your Children

Spending enough time with your kids is essential if you want to make sure that they have a fun and healthy childhood. However, this doesn’t necessary have to mean playing with them all day long. Instead, you should think of all the different activities that you can do together and give them a try. In order to spark your imagination and help you come up with some interesting ideas, we’ve singled out a couple of suggestions for you to take a look at to spend more time with your children. Enjoy!

Let them help

First things first, teaching your children responsibility from an early age is extremely important if you want them to become serious and reliable grown-ups. You can start by allowing them to help you with some household chores. This may be time-consuming at first since you can’t expect them to be really fast and dexterous, but it will give you a chance to spend some quality time with them and turn a boring everyday task into an enjoyable bonding activity. We guarantee that they will be super-excited and feel proud of themselves because they can be your little assistants. However, you must make sure not to overburden them with too complex tasks that they will start avoiding. Instead, take baby steps and ask them to set the table and take out the load from the washing machine.

Listen to your children

Being a parent can be extremely overwhelming from time to time and there is nothing embarrassing about this. However, you need to learn how to cope with all that stress for the sake of your kids. So, instead of just falling into a routine of fulfilling your daily tasks and obligations, try to really see and listen to your children. This way, you’ll show how much you care about them and consequently, they will enjoy your company even more. After all, just spending time with your child will mean nothing if you both don’t enjoy it and feel able to express your needs and wishes.

Ask them to cook with you

The kitchen is one of the most fascinating places in your home for young children who see their mothers doing something magical every day in there and creating all those amazing dishes they love. Therefore, one of the best ways to approach your child is by asking them to cook with you. You’ll have enough time to talk to them and at the same time provide them with an opportunity to learn new things and become more skillful. However, don’t forget that safety comes first and that you should explain to them all about potential hazards and dangers of using electrical appliances without your assistance. Furthermore, it’s important to use quality cookware from reliable brands such as the amazing Scanpan. Your children will be able to handle them easily and you’ll know that the meals you’re cooking for them are healthy and absolutely safe.

Have special dinner nights

Having a nice meal is the best way to gather the entire family around the table where everybody can share their news and discuss potential issues. If you already have a habit of doing this, you can go a step further and make things more interesting by choosing a day of the week to be your special pizza night or pancake night, or anything else that your children and you love eating. This way, by adding a special theme to your dinner night, you’ll get your children even more interested and excited about it giving you an opportunity to spend more time with them. Finally, don’t forget to consult them when deciding on the food since providing them with a choice can show them how much you respect their opinion and preferences.

Play their games

You may be too old to play your children’s video games, but you shouldn’t say that. Instead, consider this as an opportunity to get close to them. On top of that, video games are probably one of the rare things that your children are better at comparing to you. So, instead of you being the teacher all the time, you’ll give that role to them. By doing so, you’ll let them see that you’re human and that not knowing everything isn’t shameful, especially if you are ready to give your best to learn and master new skills. All in all, not only will you spend some quality time with your kids, but you’ll have a chance to give them a valuable life lesson and inspire them to always strive to be better.

Movie nights are always a great idea

Finally, movie nights have a long tradition and it seems that their popularity won’t ever fade away. So, it’s high time you gathered your entire family and picked a movie for tonight. You can even turn this regular evening into a super-fun event by setting a dressing code. For example, if you’re about to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, why not dress like them? Your children will absolutely love the idea, especially since they’ll see your playful and imaginative personality.

As you can see, there are so many ways to spend some amazing time with your children. You just need to relax and allow your creative side to come to the surface. Remember that childhood is a crucial part of every human’s life and that by providing your children with a healthy one, you’ll help them become sane and loving people.

Stella van Lane is a mom and a passionate writer in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design. 
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