Tips For Children Taking Photographs

All of the children have been interested in taking photographs from an early age, with the older ones choosing media subjects for gcses, A Levels and even a degree in film.

Its certainly a lot easier for the children to take photographs these days, with the use of digital and instant cameras, no longer do they have to wait for days for the photographs to be developed and collected or sent through the post!

There are so many amazing choices of cameras to choose from, and whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer, there’s something for everyone.

If your child is interested in taking photos, then check out these few tips for children taking photographs.

Having The Right Equipment

If your child has an interest in photography, you can probably start off with taking pictures on phones, either yours or if the child has their own, although if they’re anything like my children they have a habit of dropping or damaging phones, so they are usually given hand me downs, which may not have a particularly good camera.

So you may want to consider getting them their own camera, there are some great instant cameras available, Viggo is currently trying out this one.

Find A Subject They Are Interested In

If a child is interested in a specific subject they will enjoy taking photographs even more, it may be a certain sport, a place of interest, or even their favourite toys!

Currently Viggo loves taking photographs of outdoors and our two Newfoundland dogs, Belle is black and white and Bree is all black, so it can be quite difficult to get a good photograph!

Different Directions and Angles

Teach your children about direction and different angles, try laying down to get up close to the subject. or maybe get up higher to have an overview, show them how to zoom in closer or take a wider shot to get more things in, get them used to just trying to things to get different results.

Hold The Camera Still

Teach them to spread their feet as wide as their shoulders to steady themselves, lean against a steady surface, such as a tree or a wall, to ensure they can keep as still as possible.

Check the Background

Teach the children from the beginning to check the area around what they are photographing for anything out of place, i’m sure we have all had a good giggle at photo disasters where something is taking place in the background not meant for the picture!

Let Them Make Their Own Choices

Its sometimes hard to stay out of the way and to let you child decide on what they wish to photograph, I know its tempting to give them all your advice and expertise, but they will progress much quicker if they are able to make their own decisions.

I hope these tips will help you with your child’s photography journey, with so many cameras to choose from, there will be the right one for every individual.

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