How a couple can work together to beat an escape room

How a couple can work together with these top tips for beating escape rooms

Does the idea of a traditional dinner date or a movie seem a little uninspiring and lacklustre? Maybe you and your partner crave a new challenge; filled with both bonding exercises and packed with fun. Then why not try your hands at an Escape Room event?

They are the ultimate experience designed to encourage you and your partner to put your heads together in a true test of strategy and mental sharpness. No requirements or extensive pre-planning are required, just make sure you have your wits about you and be ready to take on the room…

You and your significant other can go for dinner any night of the week, but an Escape Room encourages you to think a little outside the box and keep things interesting. Not only is fun and enjoyment pretty much a guarantee; but you will also come out of it with a deeper understanding of one another’s creative minds.

That being said, do not underestimate the challenge that will lie ahead of you both as Escape Room events are not always as straightforward as they appear. If you think that you can only escape with a large group of people in your team then you are mistaken as two people can beat the room.

If the idea of a fun yet challenging activity has piqued your interest then we have the perfect guide for any couples looking to take on the event to come out triumphant at the other end!

Whilst it’s not a requirement to pre-plan before your Escape Room, there are benefits to getting yourselves ready and in the mindset. Many challenges lie ahead but being ready for them will help you beat the Escape Room. Our top tips can be found below to help prepare you for what’s to come…

Tips For Beating Escape Rooms

Top Tip Number One: Make sure you are both well-rested.

This may sound a little off track but if either you or your partner didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before your Escape Room event then you may find it more difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. These events are intended to challenge your creative problem-solving, which can be very difficult if you are struggling to find the energy to think creatively. What’s more your communication might be tougher if one or both of you are trying to fight against the tiredness.

The events’ entire success relies heavily on your ability to communicate with one other. So, try to get in some much-needed sleep the night prior.

Top Tip Number Two: Be comfortable communicating with one another!

We touched upon the importance of communication previously, but it is going to impact whether you get out of the room stress-free or not if you and your partner can communicate well.

It’s not just being able to communicate that is essential but you also need to feel comfortable enough to shout out what you see in the room to one another. Working in accordance with each other is important but speed is also a key factor in an event like this.

You will be shouting aloud, in the room, to highlight your findings all in a bid to escape. Therefore, make sure you are both prepared for some quick-fire communication in a time-sensitive setting.

Top Tip Number Three: Come up with a strategy ahead of time!

If you are new to Escape Room events then you may not think that coming up with a strategic plan ahead of time is necessary but you may both regret not going in prepared. We highly recommend you talk to one another to see who will take control of which role…

Decide who will be in charge of managing the clues and who will be taking control of particular puzzles. Whilst strategic planning can only take you so far if your pre-planned delegation is not working then adapt to the room.

Maybe your partner can take the reins and solve a particular mental puzzle whereas you understand the clues a little quicker. Be confident to speak up and contribute if you think that you can. You are in it together so if you can contribute then don’t hold back as you only have each other to depend on inside the room.

Just remember a spectator is different to a contributor!

Top Tip Number Four: Always remain calm and if you are both stuck retrace your steps.

If you and your partner have both agreed on a solution to a clue or puzzle but it turns out to not be ‘correct’ then you might have just read a clue wrong. In many cases, a moved object or hidden clue is to blame and we find that re-tracing your steps can always help.

Maybe you missed a key piece of information or accidentally mixed up the order of the clues…

These things can often happen, so it’s important to remain calm and try again. Moving back to your last clue or puzzle may help you gain a new perspective and show you something you might have missed the first time.

If you remember to put things back where you found them, like keys or clues, then going back to them later on for additional help will be easier. This can also avoid any frustration with searching for missing clues that you have once already found but are now misplaced. 

Final Tip: Don’t get embarrassed if you are both stuck, ask for a hint.

Finally, don’t feel as though it is cheating to need a little help from your Escape Room organiser. If a certain puzzle has you and your partner completely frazzled, ask for a hint. A hint may just be enough to spark a new way of thinking that you can now work out amongst yourselves to come out of the Escape Room as triumphant winners!

There is no shame at all in admitting you need help, as the event organisers still want you to be having fun and not lose interest if you feel stuck.

Now that we’ve shared our top tips for couples to beat an Escape Room it’s time to get booking your local Escape Room event for your very own action-packed afternoon!

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