These Cute Pups are Guaranteed to Cure Your Sunday Scaries

It’s Sunday night. And that means that there’s definitely a high chance that your ‘Sunday scaries’ are in full flight, due to the looming work week ahead. While it may sound like a cute and cuddly term, the reality is that term ‘Sunday scaries’ belies a much more serious condition: work-related anxiety.

Many of us are unhappy in our jobs, and the percentage of those identifying as experiencing anxiety due to work has soared over past years. Even if you like your job, if you’re prone to anxiety, you may still experience a small dose of the Sunday scaries, especially if your position involves a high amount of stress.

But this is a good news article – we’re going to let you in on a little secret to help you conquer the Sunday scaries. They’re cute, they’re furry, and they’re the perfect thing to help kick your anxiety to the curb: DOGS!

If you’re having issues with the Sunday scaries, read on to check out the most adorable pups that are guaranteed to cure them!

‘Sunday Scaries’: Cute Term, Serious Problem
While Sunday Scaries is a kind of adorable term, the effects sure aren’t. The Sunday scaries refers to the feeling of creeping anxiety that many of us suffer at the end of the weekend. Usually, our weekends proceed something like this: Friday is spent winding down and de-stressing from the week. Then we have a full day of freedom on Saturday to spend with friends, family and doing things we love. Sunday morning is slow and relaxed, but as soon as the clock begins to tick towards the evening—the realization that it will soon be time to go back to work begins to dawn on us. Anxiety can start to build when we think about the work tasks that we must complete, problems that we need to deal with, and important commitments that we are responsible for. This can lead to feelings of worry, dread and preoccupation at the thought of starting another working week.

Easy Ways to Beat Back to Work Anxiety
Of course, for most of us, the majority of the anxiety that we feel about returning to work on a Monday morning is completely blown out of proportion and by Tuesday, things have started to improve immensely. However, even though we may rationally know this, it can be hard to get our brains to co-operate. But there are strategies and aids that can help to lessen your anxiety, that may actually help you to love Sundays again!

Master the Art of Positive Self Talk
The anxiety we feel when dreading a return to work is largely down to what’s going on inside our heads. That oh so critical and negative inner voice that we all know far too well can be responsible for our undoing. Being able to subvert these unhelpful inner thoughts is a learnable skill, and one that is definitely worth trying if you suffer from anxiety at the end of the weekend.
Start the re-education of your brain by learning to identify the negative thoughts that you associate with returning to work, and try to analyze the pattern that they take. If you find yourself constantly stressing about not getting enough done during the last week, change that thought, by assuring yourself that your rest and relaxation on the weekend will give you the energy you need to be productive. If you find yourself slipping into the trap of assuming that the week ahead is going to be unsuccessful, remember, you’ve been in this situation before—and things probably went fine. A small conscious shift in your thought patterns can make a world of difference in your approach to the week.

Write a To-Do List For the Week Ahead Before Monday
A great method to help you feel more in control of the week ahead of you is to organize what you need to do in advance. Try working out your key priorities for the week and making a to-do list before the Sunday scaries set in.

Get Off Your Phone/Social Media/Computer. Seriously.
Whiling away time on your phone or computer on Sunday? As a wise group of powerful women once said: Stop, right now, thank you very much. You need somebody with a human touch. Spending all your free time on your devices is usually synonymous with time-wasting, procrastinating and developing low self-esteem. These things can all continue to your anxiety about the week ahead, which compounds the problem. Be strict with yourself, and limit your screen time. Getting outdoors or spending time with people you love will help you develop a more positive mindset.

Dogs (and ESAs) as Anxiety Aids
One almost fail-safe cure to the Sunday scaries? The use of pets and emotional support animals, or ESAs, as they’re better known. Pets are a wonderful way to ease anxiety, for a number of reasons. They can help you to break the pattern of negative thoughts by providing a welcome distraction, helping to interrupt the cyclical nature of anxious thinking. They also provide motivation to get out and exercise, which is well-known to be an essential in easing anxiety. Added to these bonuses are the amazing effects that pets can have on the brain, such as decreasing stress and boosting feel good chemicals in the brain.

Cutest Dogs to Chase Away the Sunday Scaries
Let’s be real, some dog breeds just beat out others, due to their supreme cuteness level. And you know what the perfect thing is to help you ease your back to work nerves? Playing with cute dogs, patting cute dogs, or even just looking at cute dogs. Here are the ultimate adorable breeds for you to send those Sunday scaries packing.

What breed was Boo (R.I.P), officially the cutest dog in the world? Why, a Pomeranian of course. These guys have to take the cake for the most ridiculously cute breed around. Literal balls of fluff who are equal parts crazy, hilarious and loving, there’s never a dull moment with these pups.

Teeny, tiny, but with huge personalities, these guys are popular with everyone from celebrities to Abuelitas. They love being close to their owners so are excellent in easing anxiety.
This breed could be considered as the class clown of adorable breeds. Their silly antics will have you in stitches and without a doubt cause you to forget any negative thoughts about the week to come.

French Bulldogs
Another short nosed breed like the Pug, these guys are loyal and loving companions with a unique look. They’ve boomed in popularity recently, and for good reason too—these guys are excellent pets that are a great anxiety reliever.

Last but not least, these adorable hounds have to be one of the cutest looking pups of all. Their unique long bodied and short legged stature is utterly gorgeous, and they are packed full of personality. This breed does require a fair amount of training due to their independent streak, however adoring owners will tell you that it’s more than worth it.
The Sunday scaries can be…well…scary! But they don’t have to be. With these strategies and most of all, THESE DOGS you can overcome the feelings of anxiety that build up on Sunday night, with nothing at all to be worried about, except admiring their insane cuteness.

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