Theatre Inspired World Book Day Costumes

World Book Day is the celebration of storytelling and creativity, prompting young audiences to leave their screens behind and dive into the magical world of books.

At Norwich Theatre, they love stories of all kinds and love it when these stories burst onto the stages and inspire children and adults alike.

Check out the book-related stage adaptations and pick up an idea or two for your Book Day costume.

Luna Loves Library Day | 25 Feb | Norwich Theatre Playhouse

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How could we not start a Word Book Day feature if not with a story based on books? Luna discovers magic among the library shelves, from dinosaurs to mummies, from unexplained mysteries to monsters and magic. But for Luna, Library Day is also a chance to spend time with Dad, making it all the more special.

Photo Credit : Darren Robinson

Costume Tips : To be like Luna, you will need a pair of dungarees and a blue-striped shirt. If you can, put your hair in bunches with some blue bows. Don’t forget some funky striped socks, a bag full of books, and your library card!

Shrek the Musical | 26 – 30 Mar | Norwich Theatre Royal

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Did you know that Shrek had his debut before the big screen? Based on the story by William Steig, Shrek and his friend Donkey embark on a fantastical adventure to save Princess Fiona. Along the way, you’ll encounter many magical characters, fairy-tale beings, and the evil Lord Farquaad, who wants to destroy our hero.

Costume tips : To look like Shrek then, you’ll need some green face paint. Topping it off with a white shirt and some brown trousers, and you’ll be the finest ogre there is.

In the Dead of the Night | 5 Apr | Norwich Theatre Stage Two

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Escape the real world to one where fantastical creatures and monsters hide in the dark! Arthur McBain’s book has been transformed into a whimsical world on stage where we’re as scared as Lily as she braves the noises she hears in the middle of the night.

Costume tips : To be like Lily, you’ll need to put your PJs on and add a torch to see in the dark. Lily also has a blue bear, but any teddy you have to hand works and a broom.

Or, if you’re brave enough, dress up as one of the frightening monsters from Lily’s imagination; our favourite is the pink monster with purple eyebrows and horns!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | 13 Apr | Norwich Theatre Stage Two

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The infamous tale by Lewis Carroll is about Alice’s adventures in the magical world of Wonderland. Join Alice on her journey as she travels through Wonderland and meets an array of familiar characters from the classic tale!

Costume tips You could go as either Alice or the Mad Hatter. For Alice, you will need her classic blue dress and white apron. In her hair is a black Alice band and she wears a pair of white tights. If you want to go as the Mad Hatter, then you would want to wear a waistcoat and tie (not forgetting his top-hat).

The Boy at the Back of the Class | 23 – 27 Apr | Norwich Theatre Royal

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A heart-warming story of the importance of having a place to call home, The Boy at the Back of the Class is based on the book by Onjali Q. Raúf. Ahmet is the new boy at school, sitting in an empty chair at the back of the class.

When his classmates find out about how Ahmet fled his own country because of war, they hatch a spectacular plan to reunite Ahmet with his parents. This beautiful yet hilarious story of the power that friendship and kindness have in a world that isn’t so.

Photo Credit : Manuel Harlan

Costume tips : If you want to fit in with the other kids, a school uniform is a must. Complete with a blazer and a tie, this is perfect for the grown-up who has forgotten it is book day. Whoops!

Dear Zoo | 2 – 5 May | Norwich Theatre Playhouse

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Rod Campbell’s much-loved lift the flap book has been a firm favourite with children and parents for nearly forty years. Ben and Sally are searching for the perfect pet, but instead, the zoo sends a far too-big elephant, a far too-grumpy camel, and a far too-jumpy frog. What will they send next?

Costume tips : If you have an animal onesie, it would be perfect for this, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry. To make a cheeky monkey, wear all brown and attach a tail – you can make this using a brown pair of tights.

If you have some face paint, you could add a cute nose. Don’t forget the ‘from the Zoo’ tag, which you can make out of paper and some string.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | 24 – 29 Sep | Norwich Theatre Royal

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Based on Ian Fleming’s story about a magical car that takes the Potts family on a tale of mystic and wondrous adventures to faraway lands. The much-loved story of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is fun for the whole family!

Costume tips : Dressing up as Caractacus Potts means you’ll need a waistcoat and bowtie, but don’t forget your goggles; you’ll need them for flying.

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