Sweeney Todd Slashes Into Norwich Playhouse

Last night Eowyn and I were invited along to the opening night of Threshold Theatre’s latest production Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Newly returned to London after deportation, Sweeney Todd opens a barber’s above Mrs Lovett’s pie shop. Consumed by his need for revenge, they devise a meaty plot!

Sondheim’s recipe of witty lyrics, high drama and utterly beautiful music make this a masterpiece of musical theatre.

Its a very different show from last year’s production of Young Frankenstein, but in true Threshold Theatre style it was another runaway hit, so much, that it is completely SOLD OUT for all six performances!

The staging is set as a post war scene, which made a refreshing change from the Victorian staging usually seen, the barbers chair was a particular highlight when Todd disposed of the bodies!

Sweeney Todd Cast

I already knew that Threshold Theatre had some amazing dancers and singers, and there were a few recognisable faces within the ensemble, but Sweeney Todd has produced even more talented performers.

The ensemble were captivating, their street folk, asylum inmates and Todd victims were played to perfection . A Huge Well Done to James Bell, Craig Mayne, Charlie Collins, William Hoban, Mathew Bangley, Emma Venier, Jasmine Harvey, Kimberley Mason, Katie Porter, Carmel Hannant, Sophie Chapman, Carrigan Matthews and Laura Marvell-James.

Giant round of applause to The Production Team – Co-director Jake Champion, Co-director Dan Elliott, Musical Director Acer Smith and Character Development Phoebe Richards.

Now onto the cast …

Lewis Aves played a very brooding, larger than life Sweeney Todd, whose performance grew with every minute of the story.

Rebecca Jillings once again owned the stage, she was the perfect crazed Mrs Lovett, with superb vocals and perfect comedic timing, taking a walk at the beach will now take on a whole new meaning!

Nic Gordon as Anthony and Eloise Cubbin as Johanna made a lovely young couple, they both portrayed their characters beautifully and you really felt the journey they both went on to be together.

Matthew Vanston played the abhorrent Judge Turpin well, sometimes a little too slimy! I did find myself wanting him to reach his demise much quicker than he did!

Leo Oakley took on the role of Beadle Bamford, which was a very different role to the previous inspector he played! Another unlikeable character that you were willing to visit Todd’s Barber Shop!

Christopher Davidson’s role as Adolfo Pirelli was short lived, but very memorable!

Elle Overvoorde did a convincing role as the crazy beggar woman, and although she was not on stage often, with each appearance she owned the stage with her outlandish behaviour.

And finally Gabriel Jones, who played Pirelli’s sidekick Tobias who was then taken under the wing of Mrs Lovett, was brilliant, with each scene his character grew in presence and stature, and I am curious to see what roles he will take on next.

A very enthralling production that had you captivated throughout, and lots of pies!

If you have tickets booked for Sweeney Todd, then you will love it!

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