Spring Cleaning Tips For Teenagers Bedrooms

Jump in to spring cleaning this year and get things organised in your teenagers room and get it looking the way you and they would like it to look all the time. Spring cleaning is often something that is done during the warmer months of the year however it can be done during the winter months as well if desired.  Use the five following tips to get your teenagers to spring clean their rooms and keep them organised for the home, their guests and themselves.

Pick a day

Before starting any type of spring cleaning it is important to pick the day to do it. Picking a day can be done easily by looking at their personal calendar and seeing what day is free from anything else. Depending on the amount of cleaning or deep cleaning that needs to be done, it may become an all day affair to spring clean. Once a day has been picked to clean it is best to mark this day on the calendar or write a “post it” note to keep on a mirror or the computer monitor to be sure not to forget this date.

Make a to do list

Now that a date has been chosen for spring cleaning, the next step is to make a to do list. Making a spring cleaning check list is an ideal way to stay organised and not worry about forgetting to do something during the cleaning process.This list can be as detailed as needed for the cleaning process. List items might include, clean out drawers, rearrange furniture, wipe down mirrors and windows, go through clothes, and vacuuming. No matter what goes on this list it is important to write it down. Crossing each item off the list will help keep teenagers organised during the spring cleaning as well as help them to see how much needs to be done.


Sort into three boxes

The items that will be sorted in these boxes are as follows: rubbish, goodwill items and items that are truly out of place in the room. This can be very beneficial to getting a room organised and help with spring cleaning tasks. Sorting through items that are underneath the bed, in the closet or inside the desk can help tremendously by ridding the room of items no longer needed. The closet is often the most important place to use these three boxes. Clothes might not fit any longer or ever been worn. If this is the case they can be placed in to the donation or goodwill box. Any rubbish of course will be taken out to the wheelie bin and items in the miscellaneous or out of place box can be returned to rightful owners and locations.

Listen to music

Use upbeat tempo music to help boost energy during the cleaning process. Music that is from their iPod, or from Spotify can be used to keep teenagers going and give them a sense of their own world as they clean up. This can be music they enjoy at any time, or using Spotify ‘radio it’ teenagers can find new music that is much like their favourite music. If they are a fan of music from the 60s and 70s these songs are also great for cleaning.

Reorganise and Replace 

If the teenager finds that they would like to rearrange their room by moving their bed or simply the dresser, give them a hand. Changing the way the bed is or even where things are, can help open up a room and give it a whole new appearance. Perhaps they bought a new piece of furniture or a stand alone mirror they would like to put in their room, help them with this. No matter what it is that they change, it can truly help the room feel like a new and improved room. If the carpet is looking old and tired, consider purchasing a new one, let your teen pick their choice of carpets, this will not only give them a sense of being grown up, but by them choosing the carpet, they will be more inclined to keep the room clean. (we hope!)

With each of these tips teenagers will have the room they have desired for a while as well as be able to keep it clean throughout the rest of the year with ease. Spring cleaning as mentioned before is not only meant for the warmer months. Spring cleaning is much like a state of mind, do it at any time that is desired for a clean and organised room.

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