Sparks Of Inspiration When Designing A Baby Nursery


Whether you’re an early planner or are counting down the weeks for your baby’s arrival, it’s great to start planning nursery ideas. With so much inspiration in the stores, online and probably in your head, it can be tricky to know what to finalise when decorating.

When the baby shower happens, you may receive baby hampers and will struggle to know where to put things. This means having a well organised nursery ahead of time so you have an idea of space and design is a huge benefit.

If you are seeking some great tips for nursery design, look no further. We’ll list some awesome ideas to get your creative mind ticking. Before you know it, you’ll have a concrete image of how you want your child’s nursery to look.


  • Woven hangings on the wall – This will give a free-spirited, boho feel to the nursery. It may seem a bit glam for a nursery but a woven feature on the wall really stands out and adds texture to a room.
  • Keep it bright, colourful and patterned – Your baby’s nursery will be a haven of fun and creativity for some of the most important years of their development. Getting them exposed to a variety of patterns, colours, and images in their environment will strengthen their sensory awareness. If you do decide to go busy or have a feature piece though, try leaving it to one wall with colours on other walls to complement.
  • Include blackout curtains – You can get the most comfortable furniture in the world and a beautiful crib and the baby may still have trouble sleeping. If you want to up the chances of a restful night, we suggest you invest in blackout curtains!
  • When buying furniture, think long term – It’s wise to think a bit further into the future so the furniture you choose can last a little longer. So, when buying drawers or a cot bed, think about how quickly they grow. Going for slightly larger items at first is a great option as your baby transitions to a toddler.
  • Choose a quality rug – The more space you have the better. You and your baby will be spending lots of time playing and creating on the floor and a rug will make things so much comfier.
  • Invest in a quality rocking chair – Seems vintage but is a must if you want to have a comfortable place to cradle your baby.
  • Think subtler shades – If you want to get the most out of the nursery and don’t want something strong and bold like a feature wall, go subtle. Choose gentler toning shades in the palette. For example, a cute idea for a boy’s room can be a patterned wallpaper with seagulls and a nautical feel.

 Your options are wide open and there are many things you can do to create a fun, stimulating environment for when your baby comes.

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