13 Simple Storage Hacks That Cost Zero Money

Want to double your storage space without spending any money? Whether you’re living in a tiny apartment or have a giant home full of closets, sometimes no matter what we do, it feels like we never have enough room to store our things.

Shoe boxes, clothes, hats, old toys, and little knick-knacks seem to keep piling up, even after you’ve done a few rounds of decluttering and spring cleaning.

Well, I got you covered! These epic 13 no-cost storage hacks and organisation ideas will completely transform your home.

1 Display Your Hats on a Wall to Make More Room

Attach clothes pins to the wall using removable adhesive strips. So, whenever you need to hang a hat, just attach it to the clothespin and voila! You’re all set. It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your walls and make some room in your closet.

You can also use nails as hooks to hang up your hats but make sure to paint the hooks so that they match the colour of your wall.

Check them out HERE

2 Use PVC Pipe or Cardboard as Drawer Dividers and Shoe Racks

If you got leftover PVC pipes lying around in your garage, then put them into good use. Cut the PVC pipes into a size suitable enough to fit shoes. Then glue the tops and sides of each cylinder. Once the glue is dry, you can store your pair of shoes in each individual slot.

You can also cut the PVC pipe into thin pieces and set them up next to each other inside a drawer. This will allow you to separate your underwear, ties, scarves, bras and socks in one drawer.

But if you don’t have any PVC pipes at home, then try using cardboard. Measure one of your drawers and cut four pieces of cardboards you know will fit in the drawer. Then set them up into a tic-tac-toe design to separate your goods. This will give you nine compartments you can use as drawer dividers.

Here’s a useful YouTube tutorial for drawer organisers.
Shoe racks made of leftover PCV pipes

3 Use Suitcases to Store Out-of-Season Clothing

Do you have an empty suitcase lying around? Who doesn’t, right? Well when it’s springtime, toss all your winter clothes into that suitcase and stash it on top of a closet or garage. This will leave you with tons of space in your drawers and closet. And when fall arrives, take all your winter clothes out and replace them with all your summer clothes and stash them into the luggage.

4 Hollow a Book and Store your Remote Controls in an Aesthetic Way

There seems to be a tear in the fabric of time and space because your remote control is always vanishing without a trace! Eventually you find it behind one of your couch cushions. But if you’re tired of wasting time looking for your remote control then try this hack. It’s simple. Just grab an old book, preferably one that’s thick. Then hollow out a section of the inside. Make sure that the hole is long and deep enough to hold your remote control.

How to hollow out a book

5 Try the Cookie Jar Hack for Nail Polish and Other Items

Dust off an old cookie jar or get a cheap one at your nearest department store. They’re usually quite inexpensive. You can use these jars to store nail polish together. You can also use them to separate and organize beauty products like makeup brushes, individual eye shadow pots, lipsticks, concealers and foundations.

6 Use Shower Curtain Rings to Maximise Space Inside Your Closets

Reuse those old shower rings you’ve been keeping in a drawer for years. You can also get them at an affordable price at your local dollar store. Adhere the rings to a hanger and then drop the tank top straps into the shower ring before shutting it. Instead of hanging a single tank top, now you’ll be able to hang 20 or more tank tops in one single hanger. Talk about maximising space!

You can also use the rings to organise hats, belts, necklaces, ties and scarves. And did you know you can also use this same technique for jeans? Hang your jeans by their belt loops. You can also store your jewellery, purses, and even baseball hats with this trick.

This is just one way to reuse shower rings on a hanger

7 Use Empty Cereal Boxes to Organise Container Lids

Next time you have an empty cereal box, don’t toss it away. Cut the top of the box off diagonally. This will give you the space you need to store all those plastic lid containers that have been lying around your kitchen countertop and dining table.

8 Jewellery Organisation

Is your jewellery box one hot mess? Well we’ve got two awesome organisation hacks that will make your life so much easier. The first one involves using your paper towel holder to stack all your jewellery accessories such as necklaces and bracelets vertically. But if you have smaller jewellery items like rings and earrings, then use ice cube trays to store and separate them inside a drawer.

9 DIY Cabinet Pocket Organiser

The one thing everyone hates about those cabinets under the bathroom or kitchen sink is that annoying pipe in the middle that makes it difficult to store all your extra shampoo bottles and cleaning products. But here’s what you can do. Buy one of those over-the-door pocket organisers, cut it so that it fits on your door, then use adhesive strips to hang on your cabinet door. Now you have some extra space to store sponges, Band-Aids and even bottles of lotion or cleaning products.

This is what an over-the-door pocket organiser would look like

10 Magazine Holder Kitchen Organisation Hack

Those magazine holders or office file holders you’ve got lying around can serve a higher purpose. They can be used to organise and store all of the cleaning products under your kitchen cabinet, but make sure to put all of the items you use regularly at the front so it’ll be easier to get to them.

11 Slip Important Papers in the Back of Your Bookshelves

If your home or apartment doesn’t have enough space for a filing cabinet, you can store your important paperwork in the back of your bookshelves. Start by organising your papers by type such as your will, housing, school reports, insurance and taxes. Then place them in manila envelopes and store them behind your books. You can also stash them inside a larger book that contains all your papers.

12 Squeeze Tights and Socks Into Boots

Stuff your tights, stockings and tall socks into your boots for the summer. You won’t need your winter boots in the warm weather. This will free up some space in your drawer for your bathing suits. When the weather starts to get chilly, simply take out the tights, socks, and stockings so you can use your boots, and store your bathing suits in a suitcase.

13 Tuck Clutches Inside Larger Bags

Think of your purses as Matryoshka dolls. You know, like those Russian wooden dolls of decreasing size that are placed inside one another. Simply place your small clutch into a medium handbag and then place that bag inside a larger purse or tote bag. You’ll be amazed by how much space you’ll save.

What Do You Think, Do you do any of these or will you be trying some ?

14 thoughts on “13 Simple Storage Hacks That Cost Zero Money”

  1. Fab tips! I do the out of season clothes in a suitcase trick. My favourite one is sorting bedding into a full bed’s worth (all pillow cases, quilt cover & sheet) then folding them and popping inside 1 of the pillow cases. It saves loads of room and makes bedding changes so much easier. #blogtober

  2. Ever since I was a kid we had a winter/summer suitcase that we would switch over to save room in our wardrobes! Thought it was just us! Haha! A great list of ideas here, looking forward to trying some!

  3. Great tips! I love the peg idea and the shower ring one. I already have drawer dividers made by my husband from some bits of wood, it makes such a difference keeping things separate.

  4. Oh my I need you to come and organise my house!! I especially love the cereal box /lid hack they seem to float around my cupboard just getting in the way!


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