Put The Cosy Back Into Your Living Room This Winter

The chill factor is officially here. Winter weather is something most of us loved as kids. But right now, it doesn’t feel like much fun when you’re shivering in your own living room. If the room you spend most of your time in at home is less than warm right now, then it could be time to bring the cosy back. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you leave thoughts of winter outside while you’re feeling warm and snug inside.

Open fires and wood burners are wonderful if you have them. Have you had your chimney swept and your log burner serviced? These are things we often forget to sort out before we start making regular use of them again in the winter. Not only will it reduce the amount of smoke and soot that comes back into the room, but it could prevent a dangerous fire or toxic fumes. When you have a family, it is essential your main heat source is well-maintained. Don’t forget to check your fireguard is fully secure and your smoke alarm is working!


Now you have your heat source checked over, it’s time to stop all that warmth leaking away. Check the windows for drafts. If you’ve got any, buy some fuzzy strip draft excluder tape to fill in the gaps. Of course, replacement windows might save even more heat from escaping! Now do the same checks with your doors. Don’t be tempted to block vents. Fresh air is needed for ventilation and good health!

Window dressings are a good way to feel even cosier in the winter months. Don’t be afraid to layer up. You might start with some window shutters from somewhere like S:CRAFT. Then you can add a Roman blind and even a pair of thermal lined curtains. They look warmer and cosier, and they can even prevent some of your heat loss. Choose warmer colours like cherry reds and woods to make it feel extra cosy.

A thick pile or faux fur rug could be just the thing to help your living room floor feel extra warm and comforting this winter. You can already imagine your pet sprawled out on it toasting his tummy in front of the fire! Of course, they can be essential if you have stone or wooden floors. Not everyone likes wearing slippers after all! Add a matching colour throw to each sofa and things should start to feel cosier indoors.

Your choice of lighting can help too, especially if you don’t have an open fire. Some smart TVs come with an app to show a video of a roaring fire. It may not be warming, but it can be a little comforting while you’re curled up with a good book on the sofa. A few candles can add just enough ambiance to help you feel warmer. But even LEDs can give the room a warmth in terms of colour. Colour-changing bulbs have become a popular way to change the mood in a room. Maybe they can help you feel a little cosier this winter.

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