Gifting Reverse Mortgage Purchase Funds

Navigating the waters of financial planning can feel like a daunting journey. As you contemplate your future, one option that may come into view is the idea of gifting reverse mortgage purchase funds. This decision can carry a lot of weight, not just in terms of finances, but also emotionally. So, let’s embark on this … Read more

How To Make Sure Your Divorce Is Amicable

Although you might not like the idea of divorce, sometimes it’s absolutely the best thing for you, your spouse, and your kids – in a lot of cases, parents can do a better job separately than when they’re together if that togetherness is in the form of arguments and sniping, and if you can be … Read more

How Are You Dealing With Getting Older?

Dealing with getting older – Last week my mum and dad went to stay with my nan for a couple of days, she is quite lucky that my auntie lives opposite and my uncle spends lots of his time living at my nan’s house (and has done since I can remember) so it is very … Read more

Brand New Musical Nels Place Heading To Norwich

Welcome to Nel’s Place: Talking to Ben Welch from Sheep Soup At Norwich Theatre, they love new musicals, and they know you love being part of the journey from the very start. That is why they have joined Rewrites, a consortium of venues that selects a musical in development to tour across venues, and boy, … Read more

10 Easy Tips To Save Energy In Your Kitchen

How To Save Energy In Your Kitchen – We’re all familiar with the saying ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’, for some it’s where we entertain guests, cook while the little ones are doing their homework, and even a place to gossip while having a cup of tea. But our kitchen is also … Read more

Beyond Beige by Sylvie Boulay

Beyond Beige – Over the last few weeks I have been thinking more about old age, with my own grandma in her nineties and still going, it made me think that although some class my maturing years as old, actually I could only be halfway through my life, if the family genes are anything to … Read more

It All Started With A Lie by Denise Brown

It All Started With A Lie – I used to love reading and taking part in book tours, but its seems like forever ago that I had time to sit down and read a book. However now that the children are all older, its given me a little more time to spend enjoying the things … Read more