Practical Ways To Deal With Parental Stress

Parenting is an incredible experience full of love, fulfillment, and joy, but it can also be extremely stressful. Balancing work, domestic tasks, and your children’s constantly changing needs can leave you feeling drained and anxious, which may have a negative impact on your mental health as well as your relationships, job performance, and general quality … Read more

NNOS Performs Betty Blue Eyes

Betty Blue Eyes Review – Last night Eowyn and I went along to the opening night of Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society’s performance of Betty Blue Eyes, I have seen some of their previous productions and knew we were in for a great show! If you are not familiar with Betty Blue Eyes (I certainly … Read more

3 Amazing Ways To Make Your Home Look Nicer

Everyone wants their house to be perfect, but that isn’t always achievable. Instead, it’s often worth just focusing on trying to make your home look nicer. Not only will it be a lot more achievable, but you’ll end up having quite an impact on your house. With a little bit of work and effort, you’ll … Read more

Health Tips for When You Can’t See a Doctor

Sometimes, it can feel a bit like your GP is playing a not-so-fun game of hide and seek with you, despite the fact you could really use their help. Whether it’s due to a packed NHS schedule, a global pandemic, or you’ve just been put on hold for the umpteenth time, there are moments when … Read more

How Wilding Helps Your Home and Family

How wilding helps your home and family life is far more complex than simple natural spaces for growing flowers and perennials. The difference it can make gives us hope for the future as we reintroduce biodiversity where it was once lost, from attracting wildlife to reducing carbon. Educating the Children Children love nature, and the … Read more

How To Solve Lighting Problems In Your Home

Lighting is an essential feature in your home that is needed for many reasons, including security, visibility, and aesthetics. Sometimes, however, you can have lighting challenges, preventing your home from being well-lit. In such cases, it’s vital to deal with the issues promptly to ensure you get the most out of your lighting and also … Read more

Whats On in Norfolk During January

Now that the festivities are over its time to consider Whats on in Norfolk during January 2024, some of the pantomimes and shows are still performing for the first week of January, so they are worth checking out. Norfolk has some fantastic places to see animals and they are open nearly every day of the … Read more