Outdoor Activities For Kids

Looking for some great Outdoor Activities for kids, then read on.

Whether your kids are having a big party or just looking for an entertaining way to spend the afternoon, outdoor games and scavenger hunts can be fun for all involved.

Not only can these fun outdoor games stimulate laughter, but they also encourage outdoor play exercise. Gather together your supplies and a little imagination and let the games begin!

Below are some fun outdoor activities for the whole family that you can enjoy in a hot summer day.

Outdoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy

Shoe Relay Races Are A Great Way To Have Some Fun

Having a shoe relay race outside is so much fun. Before playtime, tell all children to bring over two shoeboxes.

Secure the lids with tape and then cut out a slit on top, making it about an inch wide and four inches long.

If desired, let each child decorate his new “shoes” with markers or stickers. Have each child slip on his new “shoes” and line up. Then start the big foot races!

Backyard Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Outdoor Fun

To have a backyard scavenger hunt, the Family Education website recommends creating a list of items that can easily be discovered in the backyard, or check out these Nature Scavenger Hunts For All Seasons

Scout out the backyard or plant items around the yard before the start of the nature scavenger hunt. Items can include a green leaf, feather, a tennis ball, old plastic bottle, matchstick, or aluminum can.

When ready to play, divide children into the desired teams. The first team to return all items to a designated spot wins!

Square Step Is A Fun Game To Have A Great Time

Begin “Square Step” by drawing a 10-foot by 10-foot grid on the pavement. Tell each child to stand on his own square.

Taking turns, have each child move to a different square, crossing out the square he was just in. All crossed-out squares are off-limits and can no longer be occupied.

When a player cannot move to a square, he is out of the game. Continue playing this classic game until only one child is left.

A Treasure Chest For Some Family Fun

Begin this scavenger treasure hunt by creating a series of clue sheets. Think of your own or get inspired by a pre-made list.

Create rhymes or draw pictures to individualize clues. Hide the clues in their designated places and plant a picture of a treasure chest, at the end of the hunt.

If desired, have treats or special prizes at the end for each child as well.

Have each child go through the scavenger hunt one at a time, being sure to put each clue back where it was found for the next child to discover.

If playing in teams, consider making separate sets of clues for each team so each can discover its own.

The first team or player to find the treasure chest wins. Be sure to have enough prizes for every child that played.

Blind Obstacle Course Is A Fun Activity

An obstacle course works in physical activity while keeping the kids entertained. Set up a series of soft obstacles around the yard such as inflatable pool toys and cushions from outdoor patio furniture.

A water sprinkler works well as an obstacle on a warm day. Each child needs a partner for the course.

One child wears a blindfold while the other helps navigate him through the obstacle course by giving him verbal commands.

Texture Rubbings For Younger Kids

Outdoor areas and the natural world offer many textured surfaces that work well for rubbings. Each child needs a piece of paper and a crayon or pencil.

The kids place the paper over an object such as tree bark or a sidewalk. The kids color with a crayon or pencil over the paper to capture the texture of the object.

Write the name of each item next to its rubbing so the kids can compare them later.

A Clothesline Fort For Some Fun Outdoor Adventures

A clothesline in the backyard creates the structure for a simple outdoor fort. Throw a tarp or sheet over the clothesline to make the fort.

Using a plastic tarp allows you to press stakes into the corners to hold the sides in place. The fort offers a child-friendly spot for a variety of activities including playing with toys, reading, and chatting.

Your own backyard fort also works for imaginative play. The younger children dress up in makeshift costumes and pretend to be knights, soldiers, or other characters.

Nature Observations And Other Outdoor Activity Ideas

The outdoors offers the chance to observe nature in a fun way. Both plant and animal life forms interest kids of all ages.

A pair of binoculars allows the older kids to get a close-up view of the plants and animals they are observing. Placing a bird feeder in the backyard helps attract feathered wildlife for closer viewing.

Take photos of the plants and animals to use in a nature scrapbook. A walk around the neighborhood allows you to find additional nature items to explore and document.

Build A Recycle Garden – A Simple Way To Have Fun

Collect recyclables like glass bottles (without broken edges); paper plates and forks; milk caps; gum wrappers; OJ boxes cut into strips; etc.

Help the kids sculpt flowers and plants out of the materials, using glue or tape, and plant them into the “garden.”

They can even make a posted cardboard sign that names their garden. This is a creative use of recyclable material that kids will have a lot of fun improvising with.

outdoor activities for kids

Create A Natural Orchestra For Extra Fun

In a large group, have each child find objects in nature that make an interesting sound, such as sticks and rocks, old pots, dry leaves, and pine cones.

After everyone introduces their instrument and its sound, have them sit in a mock-orchestra arrangement to begin composing music.

Or, put them into groups and assign simple, recognizable tunes, which they can practice together and play for the rest of the group to guess.

Go Camping Is A Good Idea

A classic great activity for the entire family that should never be forgotten, camping removes kids altogether from their comfortable indoor atmosphere and replaces it with an awakening introduction to “wilderness,” even if just in the backyard or a neighboring field or campsite.

While you’ll need to chaperon younger people, you can fill the night with mountain pie-making (bread filled with jam or pizza sauce and toasted over a small fire); storytelling; and tent-building with sheets and rope, if you don’t have a tent.

Fresh air, sunshine, warm weather and free outdoor activities offer health benefits in addition to the entertainment value of kids’ favorite outdoor activities.

The outdoor activities work well in the backyard or at a local park depending on how much space you have available. Adapt the games to fit the age and interests of your child.

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