Large Family Expenses: Largest Expenses That Are Making You Broke

Like most people, your paycheck may not stretch far enough to cover all your expenses. You may have a job that pays well but is not fulfilling or rewarding. Maybe you’re one of the tens of millions who live in poverty and barely make ends meet each month. 

What’s the difference between these two groups? Unfortunately, the reality is many people are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. A big part of this problem is significant family expenses: the most considerable costs making you broke. This blog post will explore the everyday significant family expenses that make you broke and how to deal with them.


Vehicles are one of the largest expenses for a large family. It includes buying a car and maintenance like insurance and petrol, which can become very expensive over time with a lot of driving required each week. To keep your costs manageable, you need to have at least two vehicles so you don’t need to depend on one for everything.  

If you can’t afford a second vehicle, consider carpooling with other family members or looking into your area’s public transportation options. If you have more than three children and need at least two vehicles, it’s best to get an SUV with plenty of space in the backseat.

Housing Costs

Many families have a large portion of their incomes going towards housing-related expenses. For example, studies reveal that the rent price has increased over 35% in some areas since 2010, and buying a house remains unaffordable. 

There are many bills and expenses that most people don’t seem to take notice. Take a look at your utilities and identify which one takes a significant part of your bills. Various methods can help you dial down on your utility expenses, like observing energy-saving tips, when you sign up for alternative sources of fuel, and regular house maintenance.


Education is an expensive investment, and it can be challenging to know which direction you should go with your children. It is one of the most significant expenses in a family. There are so many choices out there for schooling in the modern world that families often find themselves lost or lost about what they want. 

Not knowing whether to choose a private school, public school, or homeschooling makes things even more complicated. The best way to decide what type of schooling is right for your family is to evaluate the pros and cons of each option.


Childcare is a necessity, but it can be one of the most expensive expenses for families. As such, people often take on second jobs or work longer hours to help make ends meet. In turn, it makes life more difficult and stressful since parents are doing less with their children during peak child-development times, and they’re working harder at parenting, which can lead to burnout and even more high-cost support services.


Food is a necessary expense for any family. Families with big appetites need to purchase more food, which means they spend more on groceries than those who don’t eat as much each day.  But the most significant expenses that are making you broke might not be what you think.

You might not realise it, but the food that your family eats each day has an impact on how much money is in your bank account at the end of every month.  Whether you buy pre-made meals from a grocery store or prepare fresh foods for dinner, purchasing enough ingredients can take up a good chunk of your monthly budget.


As you can see, many expenses contribute to a family’s financial stress. Therefore, it is crucial for parents and children alike to combat these costs before they take over the bank account. If this all sounds like too much and becomes more overwhelming, you should speak with someone who specializes in budgeting, and saving money might be a good idea.


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