It All Started With A Lie by Denise Brown

It All Started With A Lie – I used to love reading and taking part in book tours, but its seems like forever ago that I had time to sit down and read a book.

However now that the children are all older, its given me a little more time to spend enjoying the things I love, one of which is reading a good book, so going forward you can expect more book reviews.

Although I have to admit once I get my nose in a book, not much else matters, this one I read in one evening, and I have to confess dinner was a little late that day!

So lets get back to the task in hand and tell you about this book…..

It All Started With A Lie Synopsis

When Pearl discovers a newspaper clipping showing a picture of her dad holding a baby he found abandoned outside a hospital years ago, it sets off a chain of events filled with betrayal, obsession, and murder….

It All Started With A Lie Review

The book begins with some text messages in 2007 between two sisters Bex and Boo, describing an incident with a man.

It then jumps to the present day, where you are introduced to a teen called Pearl, who seems to live a normal teenage life, with her mum, dad and twin brother, but her world gets more complicated when she stumbles across an old newspaper clipping of her dad holding an abandoned baby.

Like most teenagers i’ve encountered her logic swirls out of control and instead of just asking her dad about it, she starts to imagine all sorts, and enlists the help of her three friends Danny, Leon and Sammie to solve the mystery.

But like many things in life, it creates a domino effect, if she hadn’t found that newspaper clipping, she may not have been suspicious of future conversations and peoples reactions to situations, which may not have lead her to other revelations.

Throughout the book there are flashbacks to 2007 conversations between the two sisters, and it starts to entwine into the present day occurrences.

Its quite an easy read, but I really didn’t want to put it down, as I wanted to know what happened! There were quite a few twists and turns and its difficult to give you any more information without starting to give too much away!

It’s a great book for a teenager that would definitely encourage them to pick up a book.

It All Started With A Lie Book Information

Book Title : It All Started With A Lie

Author : Denise Brown

Publisher : Hashtag Press

Release Date : 29th February 2024

Fomats : Paperback and Kindle

About The Author

Growing up, Denise Brown was an avid reader of anything she could get her hands on.

She adored Dr. Seuss and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and she’s pretty sure that her dad was called into school one time to explain to the teacher why he allowed seven-year-old Denise to read what she called ‘saucy limericks’.

The rhymes had been faithfully recreated in her exercise book. Without this love of books and reading, she might never have written her own.

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