How To Tell If You’re A Minimalist Or A Maximalist

Navigating The Continuing Seasons Of Change

People can have stylistic preferences shift with time. As a younger person, you’re more likely to prefer bright coloration. As an older person, coloration with a more peaceful, natural feel will be more apt to satiate you. Find the clothing of a teenager, find that of a matriarch, you’ll see a stark contrast. But both may wear the same hues in varying stages of life.

Well, as your preferences in clothing, style, music, film, books, entertainment, and leisure change, so do your stylistic tendencies. Many young couples go through a “maximalist” phase. That is to say, they want everything. They’re looking to get the house, fill up all the rooms, add to the property in terms of architecture and landscaping, and more.

But once the home has been completed, and time has gone by, the upkeep work can be very daunting. It can become tiresome, and your maximalist lifestyle may be in a position where change is nigh. You may be in a spot right now where you’re changing from a maximalist to a minimalist. Or perhaps it’s even the other way around!

Tips To Take When It’s Time For You To Make A Redesign

Perhaps it’s time for a redesign. Have you done any work in the kitchen recently? Well, perhaps now what you want to do is pull out what’s unnecessary, install some affordable kitchen cabinets, and make the whole room sustainable. Oftentimes kitchens have many unused appliances; downsizing can make sense.

It’s better if you realize your likelihood to transition into the minimalist mindset beforehand, but this isn’t always possible. In all reality, you’re likely going to realize you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, residentially speaking, long after the fact. Still, you can save yourself a bit of difficulty by noticing certain signs.

For example, do you not enjoy having to do the same chores day in and day out? If you hate the chores more than you enjoy the activities which necessitate them, then perhaps it’s time to cut back on those activities. It’s okay to eat on paper plates and throw them out when you’re done—especially if you’re hosting a party at your home with twenty or thirty guests.

Putting Together A Juxtaposition Of Interior Design Extremes

Also, you might consider an alignment of extremes. For example, you could have one room—or one part of the house—that is devoted to a “maximalist” lifestyle. Tapestries, ornate drapes, fine tablecloth, heavy wooden furniture, multi-coloured lamp shades on carved light stands with filigree chain activating the bulb, massive potted plants, incense, fruit bowls—there’s much a room can hold!

Perhaps what you do is have such an ornate room set against one with only sparse adornment. A table, a chair, maybe a picture on the wall, and nothing more. Sometimes the very mood you have will be maximalist or minimalist. Having options for either kind of mood can make your home harmonious.

Budget could be an indicator that you’re interested in the minimalist style as well. While there is expensive minimalist furniture and interior design, you can easily obtain the same effect on the cheap, communicating modern chic excellence on a threadbare budget. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on minimalist chic, you’re not a minimalist, you’re a trendy maximalist.

Determining Whether You’re A True Minimalist Or Maximalist

A true minimalist takes resources necessary to purchase furniture into account when designing living spaces. If being a minimalist means spending more than being a maximalist, perhaps your priorities or self image are in error.

If you’re going to have the most harmonious living situation, you’ll want to consider existing resources, where you are in life, where you’ve been, and where you want to be. From there, you’ll want to determine what should go, what shouldn’t, and what’s the most comfortable to you.

There’s no reason you have to be either of the minimalist or maximalist camp. You can mix and match styles, or go your own way by incorporating the most desirable aspects of both. However, it’s valuable to consider where your proclivities trend, as this will help you design living situations which are the most conducive to you and yours.

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