How to hire the Best Maid Cleaning Service?

Cleaning is undeniably one of the most time-consuming tasks which every homeowner delays until the last minute, when it’s absolutely necessary to get it done. Everyone would rather spend its spare time on doing more productive activities instead of wasting whole day on vacuuming, dusting or mopping.

It’s a never-ending process as things get dirty again as soon as you finish. Therefore, some homeowners decide to hire professional cleaning services, such as, which make your home look spotless.

In case you’re planning to hire a professional cleaner, these tips are going to show you the way.

Determine your needs

As a homeowner, you’re the best person to determine which areas is the cleaner going to take care of in your home. Some homeowners are looking for a full service which indicates cleaning your house without any room restrictions, while others only require cleaning of a particular room, most commonly the bathroom or kitchen.

In addition, you have to be specifically clear about the duties you expect to be performed. The regular duties of maids are dusting furniture, vacuuming the carpets and sorting out any visible mess. Anyhow, if you don’t specify that you require a thorough cleaning which includes washing or dusting every object around the house, than you’ll get the basic package.

Make estimations

Prior to commencing your search for hiring the right maid, you have to consider a few essential factors such as the frequency and time-span of cleaning, as well as the cleansers used for the process. Decide whether you require the service every single week or once a month, as this is going to be one of the first questions you would have to answer to the candidates.

Another thing to determine is the size of the rooms you want to have cleaned, in order to estimate the approximate time needed for getting the job done. Moreover, although most maids bring their own cleansers which are included in the price, you have the option to ask them to use your own supplies, as the ones they use tend to be of lower quality.

Obviously, the last, but one of the most important factors taking part in the decision is your budget. Make the necessary calculations and determine the amount of money you plan to spend each month. By knowing how much you can afford, you will be able to make an immediate selection of the companies which fit your budget and the ones which don’t. Use the calculator on this page to assess the cost of hiring a maid, based on your preferences.

Select a reputable company

When looking for a cleaner, you are provided with the option of hiring one who is employed by a company or one who works by herself/himself. The former option is more reliable due to a number of factors.

Companies which provide cleaning services guarantee the reputation and trustworthiness of their employees, by checking if anyone of them has some sort of a shady past, i.e. being involved in criminal actions. Making sure that the cleaner you hire is reliable, is going to give a peace of mind, as this person is going to be present in your home even when you aren’t there.

Furthermore, look for companies which provide insurance for their staff, as this factor is beneficial for both parties. In case an object gets broken, misplaced or lost, you shouldn’t worry about the consequences as the insurance is going to compensate for your damage.

Ask relevant questions

Upon interviewing the candidates on your list, you are supposed to ask all the necessary questions in order to get the information details you need. Inquire about their charging method, as various firms employ different method. Some charge a fixed price, others per hour or per room.

Moreover, ask about the basic services included in the price, but also about the ones which are considered as more expensive. You have to be familiar with their price list in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Bear in mind that some firms offer test cleaning as a way of convincing you in the quality of service.

Set the rules

The final step before hiring your favourite candidate is signing a cleaning service contract, including all the relevant details such as the fee, services as well as policies regarding your pets and your presence in the house. Some cleaners don’t mind pets in the house, while others are reluctant to work in their presence.

Moreover, you’re the one who chooses whether you’re going to stay at home or not during the cleaning process. If not, the cleaner has to be given a key to your house.


Hiring a professional cleaner is an important step.

Know your preferences in order to select the best one!

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