How To Go The Extra Mile For Your Dog’s Health This Spring

The spring is here, and days are longer and warmer, so you can spend more time with your furry companion. But there is also a downside of warm weather because several canine health issues crop up as temperatures soar. Fortunately, you can curb these problems by just being a little more conscious about your dog’s health before summer sets. Here are some tips to go the extra mile for canine care this spring.

Pay attention to tick prevention

As temperatures go up, you can expect fleas and ticks to be more active. Mosquitoes and houseflies also thrive in this season. Don’t wait for these insects to show up because fleas and ticks are hard to deal with when they reach the animal’s body. Check around the house and in the yard to see if you have an infestation. Timely pest prevention and control during the spring make the summer easier for your pet.

Stay ahead of the vaccination schedule

Spring is a good time to check your dog’s vaccination calendar and ensure that everything is on schedule. Since dog-to-dog contact increases in the warmer months, protecting the canine from infectious diseases becomes vital. Being regular with vaccinations keeps the animal safe, and you can also get a medical exam for the dog when you take it to the clinic for the vaccine.

Take care of the pet’s mental health

As the long winter ends, you may want to take a break and travel with or without your canine companion. Leaving it home elevates the risk of separation anxiety, while stress is a common occurrence when you take the pet on a trip. It means that you have to go the extra mile with the dog’s mental health. Consider using CBD as a natural remedy for relieving stress and anxiety. You can check to understand how these products work. The best thing about the remedy is that it is safe and natural yet highly effective.

Invest in the right accessories

Spring means more outings and playtime for pets, which is great from a health perspective. As you indulge in more activities for your pet, it is vital to invest in the right accessories to keep it happy and comfortable.  Pick a high-quality safety harness that is easy on the animal’s skin. Buy a portable water bowl, protective clothing and glasses, and a life vest if you plan to take it for swimming sessions this season.

Spring clean cautiously

When spring is here, you will have a cleaning spree on top of your checklist. But make sure that you do it cautiously if you have a furry friend around. Chemical cleaning agents, weed killers, and pesticides can be toxic for animals, so you have to be careful about the things you use to clean up your living space. Opting for natural cleaners is a good idea. Read the warning labels on and keep things out of the animal’s reach.

Your pet’s health matters throughout the year, but you need to be a tad more careful when seasons change. The transition is tough on animals, so you must do your bit to help your dog get through.

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