How A Business Professional Can Move Abroad With Family

When you have been selected by your corporation to take up the mantle and move abroad to represent the company, it can be a difficult situation. You may not have any wiggle room to say ‘no’, and you may not want to give up the massive opportunity. You have been selected for a reason. Your bosses are impressed with you and they want you to sort out a situation abroad, or they want you to improve a branch somewhere they are expanding. Obviously, you will be rewarded with a large sum and a lot of influence in the corporation. It’s just too good to miss and reject. The real question is, how can you and your family move abroad? What do you do to change your life so that the new country, culture and professional lifestyle are not such a shock to your system?

Know where to move

When you are moving abroad for a job, you should be careful about where you move. Sometimes if you move to an area that is not very Westernized, it can be very difficult to fit in. on the other hand, this is not usually an issue because there are plenty of apps and interesting sources you can use to familiarize yourself with the culture, language and customs. After all, we don’t want to move to another country and demand the local population change to our ways. That is very selfish and hostile. But, you want to think about your family’s needs too. Your children have to go to school, your wife or husband needs to be able to access daycare, speak with the neighbors and fit in themselves. So can you find a Westernized area, i.e. where people speak English? If not, prepare to learn the language rapidly and you will need to work with the embassy in the country to access various services like doctor surgeries and be treated on the same standard as you have been used to.

A nice place

Above all else, where you no live has to be nice. Executive Condos, i.e. ec, are just the ticket. They are extremely plush with the latest decor trends, great materials, space inside is brilliant and the locations are great. This for example, is the heart of Singapore. The condos here are very modern and they are openly Western. This means you have all the relevant comforts you need, such as central heating, automated window shades, thermostats, and fully fitted electric connected kitchens. You can set the washing machine and or the fridge settings by an app on your phone and live a normal or modern life as you have been doing so for so long. There is very little culture shock in the condos that have this, which is why they are a little pricey.

Learn the district

Where you’re going to be working, is probably going to be familiar. Many of the world’s iconic business districts are modeled on London and New York. They have typical public services like metro services, but sometimes, trams and bike-only tunnels. You should learn about the district, where everything is and what types of buildings and brands are close by.

Let’s say, you have moved abroad to work in a risk firm. You should learn about where the different high-rise buildings are and who works inside them. Some buildings will be stuffed full of banks, others will be packed with electronic brands and maybe, coworking space, etc. this is important to learn because you need to know what the professional culture is like in the city or town you move to. You may be working in these buildings at some point and or being involved in a meeting in an adjacent building to your own. Hence, learn the district where you work and you will feel more at home.

Enjoy the leisure

You should make an effort to go to a restaurant in the first week of our moving. It’s crucial that you get to grips with the cuisine, so early on. Food is a great morale booster and if you can get used to the food and drink that the locals enjoy, you shall fit in sooner with the rest. But that means, you need to make an event of it. Good, you can take your family to a restaurant and let them all explore something new. It’s also a way to normalize your new life, to go outside, into public and merge with everyone else, just having a good time!

You should also visit some of the attractions and sights on show. Go to a movie theater, or perhaps a sporting event. Try to get used to the leisure and festivities in the first month or so by doing your own research about local events. For example, in Japan, they have a cultural revival and prayer at Christmas time, and everyone lights incense sticks. The festival begins with drumming at an arch and this goes on into the evening. This is something you should go to, rather than your normal Christmas celebrations. Fitting in is so important and can make you forget about the life you left behind.

Be a tourist

Even though you will become a resident in the country, try to do what the tourists do for the first few weeks. Take guided tours of the city and landscape, learn about the various art galleries and history museums. Enjoy the architecture and do a little research about the history of the ancient buildings. Go for leisure activities like water sports, or bird watching, etc. do anything you can to take in and absorb the culture. And hey why not, buy some cheesy tourist clothing such as ‘I <3 NY’ or something similar wherever you are. The more you immerse yourself in the culture, the more it will feel like a second home and your homesick blues will fade.

Moving abroad as a professional is often too good to miss out on. It’s going to be one of the most exciting times of your life and great for your career. But it can be tough on your family if you don’t do any of these things to fit in properly.

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