Great Parks to See in Portland

If you close on one of the Portland houses for sale, then you know you’re in for an absolute treat and are moving to a fantastic area. Portland is a beautiful city with lots to offer residents, especially if you’re younger in age. The city’s culture and mindset is definitely more modern and progressive, making the city very attractive for young professionals looking to start their career. Another great thing about Portland is the amazing amenities the city has, namely its parks. Portland has some amazing parks throughout the city, something that really improves the overall atmosphere in the city. So what are the best parks in Portland, and what makes them so fantastic? Here are some great parks that you absolutely need to see in Portland.

Forest Park

If you like big parks, then Forest Park will surely be on your USA bucket list. Forest Park has over 5,000 acres of land, making it one of the largest urban parks in the entire country. The vast space is divided up between various amenities, ranging from hiking trails to forest roads. Forest Park is truly unique, as its size makes the park seem like an actual forest. Due to this, one can experience a great outdoors experience, without even having to leave the city. Something like this is extremely valuable and rare, and is one of the reasons why Forest Park is a fantastic park to visit. 

Tanner Springs Park

One of the newer parks in Portland is Tanner Springs Park, a park that enjoys both modern design elements and modern amenities. The park was built in 1999, meaning it is only around twenty years old. Due to this, many of the parks features haven’t been eroded by time like some of the other parks on this list have. The park is a cute little pocket park, allowing you to get away from the bustling life of the city. Although it may not be as large and expansive as other parks in the city, Tanner Springs Park fills a niche with its quaint design, making it a great park to spend some time at. 

Cathedral Park

Another great park to visit in Portland is Cathedral Park, a park that gets its name from the gothic structures that surround it. Not only is Cathedral Park a fantastic park with lots of amenities, it also has a lot of history behind it as well. It is believed that members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped out at this location, meaning the park played a role in the exploration of America. Today the park is used primarily for outdoor activities, providing plenty for local residents. In the park you can find various amenities such as a boat launch, walking paths, and even an outdoor stage for performances. If you’re looking for a quality Portland park with a lot of history, then Cathedral Park is a great choice. 

Mt. Tabor Park

Mt. Tabor Park is actually built atop an extinct volcano, so how can you get any cooler or more unique than that? There’s plenty to enjoy about Mt. Tabor Park outside of its unique setting, making the park an absolute must visit. There are plenty of hiking trails for you to enjoy, meaning outdoor enthusiasts will surely feel right at home. In addition, the summit of the park offers up a gorgeous view of Portland. Finally, Mt. Tabor hosts one of the most unique events in Portland, the soapbox derby. Here adults try to build a soapbox racer and race down Mt. Tabor Park as fast as they can. If you’re looking for a unique park to visit, then Mt. Tabor Park will be the perfect fit for you.

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