Essential Family Quad Riding Tips You Should Know

Many families take up quad riding as it is a great day out for everyone. With each family member having their own bike, you are ready for some fun, yet there are a few aspects to consider when group riding with the family.

Have an Adult at the Front and Back

Whether you have one or two kids on their quads, there should be an adult at the front to ensure the pathway is clear and with mum bringing up the rear, everyone is in their right position. Under no circumstances should a young rider be let go alone, and any kids should always be under the supervision of at least one adult.

Make Sure Every Rider is Wearing Protective Clothing

This applies to a single or group ride, and the right clothing can be purchased from the online supplier, who would also have kids quads for sale at very reasonable prices. In fact, there are some suppliers who can supply you with everything you need and can also advise on any aspect of the sport.

Arrange a Meeting Point

In the event a family member gets lost, then they need to know a familiar meeting place, which can be pre-agreed before the ride begins. Go through the planned route. Of course, if you are just riding in a single field, this is not applicable. Make sure to tell your children to always stay on the paths, which are less likely to contain obstacles, and by keeping mum or dad in sight, all will be well.

Take a Basic First Aid Kit

It makes sense to have one under your seat, just in case, and you should include some wipes and iodine, plus a good bandage and some plasters. No one wants an accident, but it is a good idea to take the time out to put together a kit that has everything you could need.

Take out Adequate Accident Insurance

Quad riding can be dangerous if you’re not careful, and there are companies that will sell you an annual family package that will cover you all. Check out the terms and conditions of your regular health insurance to see if quad riding is covered, and if it isn’t, then enquire about the premium rise if quad riding be added to your cover.

Check the Bikes

Prior to any excursion, all the ATVs should be inspected for any obvious issues, and with enough petrol for the desired time of riding, you can head off and explore the amazing British countryside. Check tyre pressures and make sure the brakes are fully functional, and if you have already serviced the bikes, that is all that’s necessary. Obviously, you know your kid’s abilities and can make sure he or she doesn’t get out of their depth.

Taking the family out for a day on their quads is a great way to spend quality family time, and providing you are well prepared for the event, your day will be a great one!


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