Eowyn in Year 2 – How Did That happen!

It really only seems like yesterday Eowyn started in reception, but this year it is Tyrus’ turn!

Eowyn has sailed through the last two years of school, so it was no surprise that she wasn’t bothered in the slightest about returning to school in a new class with a new teacher, which is great as I can remember practical hysterics from me as a child every new school year!

This year she was taking on the role of big sister, although after a couple of days at school it has become apparent that she is taking the job far too seriously – trying to feed Tyrus at lunchtime and be his personal minder!!

This year she has a love of skirts/shorts with very long black or grey socks that reach over her knees, which is a very unique style but it seems to work for Eowyn as she hasn’t yet had any scraped knees!

Year two has certainly seemed a more grown up move, she no longer wishes to have her school bookbag and can now be found with a very grown up owl satchel (one of which she has acquired from Neva!)

So far this year we have had no accident slips which is quite inpressive for Eowyn as she had gotten three by this time last year!

She has found a love for reading over the summer, although she is not keen on the associated writing of book reports to go with it!

I can’t wait to see what the school year holds for Eowyn.



4 thoughts on “Eowyn in Year 2 – How Did That happen!”

  1. Lovely post! It’s crazy just how fast they grow isn’t it! I’m so not ready for my little girl to start reception year next September! x

  2. It’s amazing how fast time flies when they go to school and it’s nice to see how she’s taken to the role of big sister too. I still can’t believe my daughter is in year 5 now nearly secondary school time for us eek!


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