Distractions Do Affect Your Driving

There have been lots of horrific stories in the news of fatal car crashes and many of them have involved the driver of the vehicle being distracted, I can never understand how someone can be fully focusing on the road if they are distracted by something else, if you do become involve in an accident you may need to contact personal injury lawyer like Kaplan Lawyers

If I am a passenger in a car and sat checking my emails, half the time if the driver speaks to me, I either do not hear them or answer without having a clue what they have actually said, therefore I am clearly not concentrating on the conversation, imagine if that was whilst being in charge of the vehicle!

Kwik Fit have created an interactive quiz to test driver distraction, which asks you to hit stop when you see the sign, next it asks you a number of questions to answer on the mobile phone, whilst still hitting the stop button, I have to admit on my first go it took me over 2 seconds longer to hit the stop button than when I was only concentrating on that task! Imagine if you are driving, that extra 2 seconds could be the difference between stopping in time or not.

I cannot understand how anyone could even consider using a mobile phone whilst driving, I guess being hit by a car at 13 years old and not suffering any long term injuries, makes me a little bit more aware of the dangers, thankfully the lady who hit me was paying attention and wasn’t speeding, I dread to think what the outcome would have been if she’d been distracted by something like a mobile phone, at the time the only type of distraction was the sunshine!

Headphones can also be a huge distraction, the amount of cyclists I see with them in, I am unsure how they can be fully paying attention to the road if they cannot hear what is going on around them.

Sat Navs can also be very distracting, yes we all need to know where we are going but we do seem to spend an awful lot of time looking at a screen in front of us telling us which direction to head, if used well, it can be a great resource, if you know roughly where you are going and no sudden lane changes or sharp turns then it is definitely an asset, however if you do not research your journey beforehand and rely solely on the directions, it could cause utter chaos for both yourselves or other road users, so always be prepared!

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