Decorate Your Home, Come On (Let’s Decorate)

decorate your home

Planning to decorate our homes is something we all dream of doing. We sit down and make a load of big plans and convince ourselves this will be the year we spruce up our abodes. Yet we never do, which is usually because we see it as a big commitment, when it really doesn’t need to be. They can be simple and cheap and easy to do and, what’s more, they can make a massive difference. So get up, grab a cup of coffee, get some comfy clothes on and let’s get to it.

Be Different

Why not be brave and hang an interior curtain somewhere in your home, like your kitchen. This may sound bonkers, but why not fix a rail to the ceiling and hang a gorgeous cream curtain from it, one which has a stunning tie back for that glamorous effect. But this isn’t just for effect, this is actually a great way to conceal the mess you are making when having a dinner party, or if you need to just put your feet up but can’t stop staring at the pile of dishes. This is your beautiful solution to all those problems.

Your Bed

There are so many different rules when it comes to the decor of your bedroom, it’s hard to keep up. One day the top trend is all white, and the next it is steel bed frames. Well, why not ignore all of these. Ignore changing your bed (which can cost a lot), ignore the walls and the furniture and just concentrate on your bed. Make that your centrepiece by going mismatched on it. Go with big old cushions that completely contrast with the linen. A great way to start is with a nautical theme. Bold stripes and odd patterns and everything that suggests one has been on a farfetched journey at sea and these are what you returned with. Simple.

Antique Looking

People are slowly moving away from antiques and the idea of traditional homes and moving into a more modern age, with gadgets and tech and minimalism. If this is you then you are probably wondering what to do with your antique dressing table. Well here is an idea, why not put it somewhere completely obscure like the bathroom. Pow, your white walls and units suddenly have a breathtaking centrepiece. It doesn’t even have to be a real antique, or expensive.

Cover The Walls

Yes. Cover the walls, make them look wonderfully messy. Hang empty picture frames with nothing but odd bits in them. Use plates and cheap bits of fun art you found on Etsy. Have a wall of old wedding hats, or dirty mirrors or cardboard animal heads. Go wild. Make something incredible out of something incredibly boring. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of wows and smiles to gain. You can thank us later.

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