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I really cannot believe how quickly the summer holidays are passing us by this year, it only seems like yesterday we had finished school, and already we are halfway through!Which means I need to start thinking about getting any uniform that the children have outgrown, first stop shoes…The four school age children had been complaining at the end of term that either their shoes were tight or falling apart, so I knew they would all need new school shoes.Last Thursday we made an appointment at Clarks and this is the result….

all waiting for their turn on the foot measuring machine!

The four eldest children were measured for school shoes, when Eowyn was measured, she had also gone up a size and Tyrus has begun trying to walk, so he needed a pair of cruisers.First up was Xene, she will be the first to admit that she HATES shoe shopping, so I was slightly apprehensive that she would not find a pair to her liking, however, with the new range of Back To School shoes that have promised to be more on trend and fashionable, we actually found a pair that fitted well and she was happy with.

With pretty, and on-trend, bow detailing, these girl’s school shoes are styled in smooth black leather. A simple strap fastening offers easy adjustability and fit. Available in whole and half sizes and different width fittings.
They made Xene’s feet look very neat and are perfect for the new term.

Next was Lochlan, who is now in the same size shoe as me!! in terms of style and choosing, Lochlan is never really worried about his school footwear and is quite happy for me to just get them however,he does have a habit of going through shoes quite quickly, so I shall be interested to see how his new ones stand up to the onslaught of his school day.

Boys’ school shoes with a modern sporty look in durable black leather. Triple rip-tape straps offer easy on-off and adjustability, while Active Air with Air Flow technology ensures superior comfort and breathability. The added benefit of anti-microbial Agion also helps banish bacterial and fungal growth. Available in whole and half sizes and a wide range of width fittings.

Neva is the most outdoors of all the children and she will give any pair of shoes a thorough testing, but at the same time she is still quite girly, so she was looking for a sturdy pair of pretty shoes, that were not slip ons, as she tends to flop out of them.

Part of our new Daisy Magic Steps range, these girl’s school shoes come in durable black leather with a hidden YoToY doll, pretty bracelet and Sprite charm. Decorated with a pretty bow and metal stud detailing, this style also includes a padded collar for comfort. Available in whole and half sizes and a range of width fittings.

Neva loved the free toys in theheels and found the shoes very comfortable, with the very easy to fasten velcro strap that held them in place perfectly.

Kaide also has a habit of going through shoes very quickly ( I’m thinking it may be a boy thing!!) he has also grown two shoe sizes in as many months, he is also like Lochlan that he doesn’t car too much about style, just as long as they are OK for playing football at lunchtime with the bigger boys, therefore he wanted a pair of school shoes that were more like trainers!!


Featuring an intrepid Jack Nano design, these boys’ school shoes in coated black leather not only have light reflecting side panels and webbing, they also feature a must-have YoToy in the heel. Double riptape straps ensure secure fastening, while the rigid sole gives extra grip and a toe guard adds durability. Agion microbial linings help keep feet healthy. Available in a range of widths.

Kaide LOVES the two robots in his heels and I love the fact that they have a toe guard which may mean less polishing for me!! Also both boys shoes are promoting the fact that they have sorted boys and stinky feet (why is it that males have stinkier feet than us females!!).

So, four out of four for school shoes, which is unheard of in my household and all done within a matter of minutes, amazing, however there were still two more pairs to buy….

Eowyn is a real girly girl, so I knew the colours pink or purple would appear, and indeed I was correct.

Gorgeous girls’ shoes that are pretty and girly, with glittery fairy dust on the lipstick pink leather, as well as a cut-out star design and fairy applique on the right foot. The star patterned lining and a silver inner sock add real ‘wow’ factor, and underfoot comfort is enhanced by the soft padded footbed. A riptape strap offers secure fastening, and the style comes in whole and half sizes and different width fittings.

Eowyn immediately fell in love with these shoes, she is also learning to put them on the correct feet and since getting these shoes she has managed much better because when placed next to each other they make a complete picture enabling her to put them on the correct feet.

Tyrus had his first shoe sizing and came in at a 3.5 F, so we decided on a pair of brown ones with dogs…

Cute boys’ pre-walking shoes with an adorable look in soft dark brown suede, embossed with fun doggy character detailing. A bright contrast sole adds fashionable appeal and extra toe protection, while the riptape fastening ensures a secure fit. Keeping our promise to keep growing feet in safe hands, the style is perfect for the cruising and crawling stages and comes in a range of widths

Tyrus isn’t quite walking full, although he is trying. He has a problem when visiting his grandparents as they have laminate flooring and he finds it very difficult to keep his balance, he should find it much easier now with his little shoes on, although he did start off scrunching up his toes, making it impossible for me to get the shoes on, once he had them on he wouldn’t let me take them off and we ended up taking him home wearing them!!

The usual nightmare shoe shopping trip did not happen this time, I am not sure why, maybe its because I am slightly more organised this year and there is no rush, or just simply that the children found shoes that actually liked all at once, whatever it is, long may it continue…

The children were surprisingly very well behaved, but as we all know that is not always the case, especially if you are shoe shopping for one and you have to bring along others too, well Clarks have launched a new Jack Nano app for the iPhone, designed to entertain your children in-store.


Clarks Kids Jack Nano and Daisy App

Clarks Kids have launched a new aurasma app which keeps kids entertained in store. The new app brings Clarks characters Jack Nano and Daisy to life with the characters dancing in the palm of their hands or by playing the “matching shoes” memory game.

To use in all stores, this app brings to life fun and exciting in-store entertainment.

– See Jack Nano doing his funky moves
– Watch Daisy dancing and try to take a photo of her dancing on your hand
– Play the “matching shoes” memory game with either Jack or Daisy




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