Calendar Girls Musical Hits Norwich

Last night I went along to Norwich Theatre to watch the opening night of The Calendar Girls Musical, currently performing there until Saturday 6th April 2024. It was a great night and it gave me a lovely evening out with my mum, who also loved the show!

The real-life story of the Calendar Girls launched a global phenomenon: a million copycat calendars, a record-breaking movie, stage play and now a musical written by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth which coined the term “craughing” – the act of crying and laughing at the same time!

This production sees this incredible true story continue to bloom, this reimagined book and new music sees the show packed with unforgettable songs, bringing the joy to life live on stage. 

Calendar Girls Cast

Calendar Girls the Musical brings together a stunning cast of music, stage, and television stars.

Baring it all in 2024 are Laurie Brett as Annie who plays the loving wife of John (Colin R Campbell) and you hear of their double date story, with their best friends Chris (Samantha Seager) and Rod (Andrew Tuton). Throughout the show you can see the strong friendship the four had, and both Rod and Chris are there for Annie throughout.

So when John is diagnosed with blood cancer you follow their journey together, with the WI meetings interspersed, where you are introduced to the other members, the former Air hostess Celia (Helen Pearson) with the always inappropriate footwear and golf clubs.

The Chair of the WI Marie (Liz Carney) who is desperately trying to hold up the traditions of the WI, ex school teacher Jessie (Lyn Paul) who they all still act like schoolchildren around, music teacher Cora (Honeysuckle Weeks) and Ruth (Maureen Nolan) who is dealing with her own husbands indiscretions and her constant baking to take her mind off things.

It’s a magnificent cast that totally blew me away.

calendar girls musical 2024

Thoughts on Calendar Girls Musical

Every single member of the cast was superb, such emotional, powerful performances, that definitely had me craughing!

The emotional scenes leading up to the passing of John had tears streaming down my face, and looking around me there were plenty more joining me…

It was a packed audience which is definitely a testament to this amazing story, which has been turned into a beautiful musical, with heartfelt songs about Yorkshire, and the WI, combined with the well defined characters, that all band together to help out their friend Annie, in her time of need.

The changing scenes between the Methodist Church Hall, Hospital, Car Journey and WI Conference were simple, but seamless.

The actual photoshoot of the Calendar was brilliant, each member of the friendship circle, uniting with their friends to encourage and get behind them to enable them to bare all with some well positioned props!

And no surprises that the end of the show resulted in a standing ovation for a beautiful, well told story of love, loss, friendships and Sunflowers!

Calendar Girls Musical is at Norwich Theatre until Saturday 6th April, you can book tickets HERE

For further information about The Calendar Girls Musical CLICK HERE

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