BMW Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your BMW Running Like New

New car-smell never lasts long enough, does it? Before long your new car is no longer new, and simply becomes ‘your car’ – now prone to scratches, dings, weird noises and eventual breakdowns. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little diligence and not too much effort, your car can run as new for years to come. Here are some tips to keep your BMW running like new.

Change Your Oil

Engine oil is a crucial component to your engine’s longevity. It lubricates your engine, improving fuel economy, preventing mechanical failure and keeping your engine free of debris in the process. Old and dirty oil can become sludgy, slowing your engine, increasing its temperature through friction, decreasing fuel economy and even causing air pollution through the burning of noxious substances contained within. Regular oil changes are incredibly useful for keeping your car in tip-top condition.

Inspect Your Tyres

Your BMW’s tyres might not cause your engine to seize with age, but they are nonetheless important to manage if you want your car to feel brand-new for as long as possible. Balder tyres provide less grip on the road, making you more likely to lose control – whether slipping on icy roads or aquaplaning in wet weather. The quickest and best method for checking the tread on your tyres is the 20p method, wherein you place a 20p end-on along a groove in your tyre. If you can see the coin’s outer band, your tyres are illegally worn and need replacing.

Regular Service Checks

The most sure-fire way to keep your BMW running like new is to book in regular service check-ups. By bringing your car in regularly, mechanics can catch issues before they develop; many issues that happen with a car’s engine can cause worse knock-on effects if ignored or otherwise missed, making it your best interest to stay up to date with the condition of your engine. For example, a failing timing belt might snap, causing your engine to stop working after serious damage is done to your cylinder heads, push rods, crank bearings and even your oil pump.

Drive Carefully

Perhaps the most important suggestion in this list, driving carefully is an excellent way to ensure the long life of your car. Driving carefully guarantees that your engine is operating with tolerance, your suspension won’t endure any difficult jolts and jumps, and you’ll get the most life you can out of your tyres and oil.

Look After Interior and Exterior Alike

While any act of cleaning might seem like a purely superficial endeavour, looking after your BMW’s cockpit and exterior not only keeps the cart feeling fresh and new, but increases the longevity of certain materials and surfaces. Vacuum your BMWs upholstery regularly to prevent the abrasion of the cloth by debris, and polish the panels to keep an eye on their wear. A potentially surprising tip is to keep your car in the shade when parked; the sun can bleach your car’s paint job, removing its brilliance and aging it over time.

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