Best Ceiling Panel Designs You Need to Know

With people becoming more artistic, you can see various types of ceiling designs in their houses, be it a wooden cottage or a villa. Ceilings are definitely one of the most important parts of the entire house, no matter how small they are. After all, that’s what protects you from the adversities of the climate. And that’s why constructing the best ceiling panel designs in your home is mandatory, almost inevitable.

But, with so many designs on the table, it’s really difficult to choose the best one, especially when each design is majestic in its own form. So, here we have discussed some of the most common ceiling panel designs which are chosen to beautify the internal architecture of the house.

  • Suspended Ceiling Design

 Though suspended ceiling panel designs are mainly created for the commercial structures, many people are now introducing the same concept in their homes too. Here, a false ceiling is installed below the actual one with the help of suspended metal grids. The wirings and other mechanical fixtures are well hidden by the ceiling panels, creating the needed illusion.

  • Tray Ceiling Design

 Just like a tray, this ceiling design is perfect for living rooms and the kitchen. Here, the central rectangular part is either pushed back or made to bulge outwards, adding a special effect to the design. Sometimes, stairs are built along the edges of the tray ceiling to heighten the sensational view of the roof.

  • Cathedral Ceiling Design

 If you need tall ceiling panel designs, then the Cathedral ceiling will be a perfect choice. Here, the roof has two equal slopes, starting from the roof trusses and meeting each other at the highest point at the centre of the room. The entire structure looks like an upside down turned ‘V’, which gives an illusion of spaciousness in the room. The wide trusses are helpful in allowing proper ventilation and insulation also.

  • Coffered Ceiling Design

 The coffered design lends an artistic look to the rooms, especially if you are choosing wood as the material. Nevertheless, the rustic appearance of the design has a mysterious appeal, which compels people to choose the design. Here, the panels are pushed inside, forming a sunken structure with the supporting beams being prominent. It looks more like a big waffle being designed on the ceiling.

  • Shed Ceiling Design

 Shed ceilings are generally constructed in the attic rooms, where one part of the ceiling nearly merges with the floor while the other side is kept flat like the conventional ceilings. This particular design creates uneven room heights, lending a unique look to the room. Another added benefit of having shed ceilings is that they allow proper ventilation in and out of the room. Bold colours look good on the shed ceilings.

  • Coved Ceiling Design

Coved ceiling panel designs are the mixture of the Cathedral and dome shapes. Here, the concavity of the roof starts smoothly from the walls, making a clear transition from being plane to curved. At the top, it forms a dome-like structure. With proper colour or art, you can have the best ceiling in your house.

  • Barrel Vault Ceiling Design

 Barrel vault ceilings are often designed in long hallways or rectangular rooms, where the entire ceiling is designed in the form of a dome. Most of the European architects love to create this type of ceiling in the commercial buildings or residential places.

  • Groin Vault Ceiling Design

 Groin vault ceiling panel designs are the newest addition to the list, where the concept of angles and domes is illustrated in a dramatic way. Here, partial arches and domes are constructed in a random fashion to bring out the best look from the ceiling. Groin ceilings are best for kitchens and living rooms.


With so many artistic ceiling designs, the choice will be undoubtedly difficult. But the creative essence associated with the ceilings makes every dilemma worthy.

Author bio: Nivi Watson is a  blogger and content writer. She enjoys writing about home improvement, health, lifestyle, technology, and much more. 


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