5 Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games with Kids

In a world where we’re often told to limit electronic time and gameplay to avoid this detachment from the real world with video game addiction, I want to share some reasons why you should play video games with kids. Not only is this an excellent way to strengthen your family bond, but video games have a variety of benefits that can expand your kids’ minds.

One of the main complaints I hear about video games is the cost, and I can totally relate, I always feel bad when they ask for games for Christmas or birthday as they cost a fortune but never look very much when you unwrap them!

The kids have been finding lots of great free online games which has saved my bank balance but they’ve been able to find lots of games that they enjoy, without the hefty price tag, if you haven’t given it a try, I highly recommend you take a look, they have games for all ages and some old retro ones for Asa and I! Having such a large family there are constant arguments about whose turn it is on the various consoles, so having these games available on the phone or ipad means there’s enough entertainment to go round!

Below you’ll find the top five amazing benefits of playing video games with kids. May these benefits inspire you to go get your kids and ask them to play a video game with you today.

5 Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games with Kids

Helps With Reading

Since many video games require kids to read the instructions or more details on the television screen, this inspires your kids to read. You may have been one of the parents shocked to see that your young kid was reading the screen as they worked to play their favourite video game. This happens quite often and is an excellent way to help kids of the digital age start learning how to read better.

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Regardless of the genre of video games that your kids prefer, most of them offer a chance for kids to boost their problem-solving skills. As your kids work to complete each level of the video game they have to follow steps and solve a variety of problems or obstacles to get to the next level. This is an excellent problem-solving activity that will help your kids be more apt to solve real-life problems with ease. I used to love playing Patience with a pack of cards as a child, these days its so much quicker and easier to jump on a device and play games such as Solitaire Bliss.

Social Connections

Video games are an excellent way to improve social connections for kids who may otherwise not form in real-life bonds with their peers. Think about kids with special needs who aren’t good at social cues, social interaction, or the everyday friendship connections that other kids seem to have naturally. Video games can be played with people from all over the world, and in turn, help your kids form social connections with peers as they play their favourite video games with a team of online friends.

Encourages Imagination

When your kids play video games they’re using their imaginations and creative thinking skills to get through each level. Parents who opt to play video games with kids often form a deeper bond with their kids and allow their kids to see a different side of them. During gameplay, you both will use your imagination and expand your creative thinking skills that will come quite handy in the real world.

Boosts Family Bond

Since many video games can be played as a team, you can easily use video game playing with kids as a means to boost your family bond. For kids with special needs or teenagers who are ‘too cool’ to hang out with Mum and Dad, video games can be your saviour. Take some time to ask your kids about what their favourite video game is and how you can join in on the fun once a week. This is a fun way to encourage the bond between your kids as they feel important that their parents are willing to participate in and show an interest in something they enjoy.

Playing video games with kids is just another way that parents can work to build important life skills and boost their bond with their kids. Each of these amazing benefits of playing video games with kids will surely inspire your family to get on board with playing more video games together.

So the next time one of your parents or grandparents tells you the kids spend too much time on games, you can be prepared with my five reasons! Whilst you enjoy five minutes peace and quiet and maybe a hot drink, before starting another round of Mario Kart!

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