Baby 101: What To Do When They Are Finally Home

If you have finally welcomed your little bundle of joy into the world, the chances are that you can’t wait to get them home. For many couples, having their first baby happens after a long quest to get pregnant. When your little one finally arrives into the world, they are unconditionally loved and you just want the best for them. It can be overwhelming thinking that you now have this tiny human being to care for. They need to be nurtured, protected and loved. However, when you first get your little church through the front door, you may be at a loss as to what to do or how to act. All of the parent and baby books in the world don’t prepare you fully for what is about to unfold.

Being a new mom can be terrifying as much as it is euphoria-inducing. When your little one is finally home, a new chapter of your life begins. Gone are the days of coupledom and two people in your relationship. You are now a little family unit. Take a look at this guide and prepare yourself for all of the eventualities that may occur when your little one finally comes home.

Tiny Feet

No two newborn babies are alike. The guides online and the published books can only give you indications of what may be to come. However, if your little one is struggling to sleep, has colic, or is not able to latch on to breastfeed, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. When your little one is sleeping in his or her crib, the chances are that you might be spending your days staring at their tiny feet, checking on their breathing, and being a hyperalert mom. You need to learn to relax and respond to their needs.

Babies can’t talk so they will cry and make noises that pull on your heartstrings. This evolutionary aspect to mother and baby bonding means that you will eventually be able to recognize each different cry. One particular pitch of grizzle may be inform you that your offspring needs feeding. Another cry may signify a need for a diaper change. And another might be telling you that it’s time for some visual stimulation or they need to have a cuddle. This takes time, but you will become closer to your little one as you grow together.


Giving your little one their first bath can be nerve-wracking. It can be difficult to figure out the optimum temperature of the water as well as the bathing products most suitable for their skin. Opt for simple, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic soaps and creams to prevent any allergic reactions. Newborn-specific products should also be used as their skin is super delicate and fragile. You may notice that baby peeling skin can develop on your little darling’s palms and feet. This is totally normal as they get used to the world around them.

To combat their peeling skin, think about keeping bathtimes to five minutes. This might not seem very long, but your baby will find this length of time plenty, and this is long enough to wash your little one. Don’t go for hit water, and instead opt for lukewarm water. This is more tolerable and prevents your baby’s skin from drying out. Always use a little baby bath rather than using the adult tub in the bathroom This is less daunting and will encourage your little one to begin to enjoy the sensation of the water and find bathtime relaxing. While you might be tempted to scoop them up in a towel, go for a wraparound hooded towel dressing gown that dries alongside providing a pleasant texture for your baby’s skin.

Your Self Esteem

If you are finding your existence becoming one hundred per cent about your baby, you may feel like you are quickly losing your identity. You have gone from being a wife, partner, sister, daughter and friend to being a mom and nothing else. This can make your self esteem crumble. It’s all too easy to venture onto the Internet to scroll mind-numbingly through social media feeds. Instagram tries to be aspirational but it is more self-esteem sapping. The heavily filtered image try to emulate a sense of perfection but they are unrealistic and out of reach. The perfectly formed bodies of young moms with abs and a newborn in tow can make you feel inferior. 

Stretch marks are photoshopped and edited out of these images. Women choose to make themselves look slimmer in an effort to project their own versions of perfection. Don’t succumb to the nonsense that the world of Instagram creates. Instead, focus on more tangible pursuits to help boost your confidence. Social media does nothing but make you anxious, worried and stressed, taking the joy out of new motherhood.

Ensure that you allocate time just for yourself every day. Even if this is only for ten minutes every day while your partner bathes your baby or feeds him or her at dinner time, you can enjoy a soak in the tub, head out on a walk to clear your head, or simply read the latest bestseller in your bedroom. These moments are crucial to help you realize that you are still more than just a mom and you have other interests outside your baby.

New Social Life

When your baby arrives home, you might be surprised at just how quickly your friendships wither away. Those friends with no kids will end up seeing you less because they assume you no longer talk about anything other than your cherub. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just something that naturally occurs as you move in different life directions. You won’t end up with no friendships at all. The ones that you lose will be replaced with new ones.

As you begin to make contact with local baby groups, you will meet fellow new moms with babies the same age as yours. You will find that your evenings out clubbing all night are replaced with dinner parties that end early so that all the babies can have a good time together too. Your conversations will morph from current affairs and politics to the best diaper range and offers on baby formula in the local grocery store. You should welcome this new social life with open arms. This creates the supportive new parent network that you will come to rely on in years to come.

You may also find that you see your mom and dad a little more often than you normally would. Yes, they love you, but they adore their grandchildren and dote on them. You may find them just turning up on your doorstep at the weekend.

Home Life

Forget about your minimalist interior and welcome organized chaos with open arms. You won’t be able to see your floor for toys and you will find that baby-gros and bibs get in the strangest of places. If you are used to routine and structure, you will have to get used to the complete opposite. What your baby doesn’t give you in terms of tidiness, they make up for in love and joy.

Becoming a new mom and welcoming your little one home for the first time can be daunting. Forget the baby books and enjoy being with your little one. Get to know them, their foibles, and their personality. The bond you form with your baby will go on to be the most fulfilling relationship in your life.


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