A breath of fresh air! Tips to improve the air quality of your home

Many people believe that staying inside the home is the best way to avoid air pollution. Yes, that’s even true to a very great extent. But only if the air quality inside your house is good enough.

Believe it or not, some indoor spaces accumulate bad quality air similar to outside. Isn’t it scary that you’re inhaling something that can be risky for your health and overall well-being? For instance, you might be vulnerable to issues like cough, headaches, irritation of eyes, nose, throat, or even shortness of breath.

So, what are you doing to navigate such challenges? Ohh, nothing yet? Don’t worry. You can prevent such problems by knowing the real culprits of poor indoor air quality.

Keep reading, know the reasons, and get the solutions here.

The dust accumulated on the surface

Dust and debris!! These two are the most hazardous enemies of your sigh of relief. Ever try to notice the sunbeam entering your house through windows. If you can see dust particles floating in the air, it clearly means your house needs cleaning. Or else such contaminants can affect your family’s health.

Consider keeping your home clean and tidy all the time because a clean house means better quality air.

Using harmful cleaning supplies

Many people are unaware that some of the cleaning supplies can also pollute the air in the house. They may help you to clean your house, but the chemicals used in them can contribute their part in reducing the air quality. Hence, ensure that you’re using chemicals free cleaning products or what we call “eco friendly or biodegradable” cleaning products.

Smoke in your house

If you have smoke-causing elements at your home, they can pollute the indoor air. Even a single cigarette stick can produce hundreds of toxic substances in the air, then think about the bigger appliances.

For instance, your traditional wooden fireplace. The wood burnt in it generates smoke in the house. Plus, sometimes kids throw papers or plastic wrappers in them. Since they don’t have any idea, is it safe to burn them or not, it will be better that you eliminate the risk by replacing your danger-causing wooden fireplace with its alternative, the electric fireplace.

So, these were the elements that can harm your health by reducing your indoor air quality. But don’t worry, there is one more solution that can help improve your indoor air quality. Let’s quickly check it out!!

Make an air purifier your friend

An air purifier can turn out to be your best friend to improve your house’s air quality. How? The air purifiers are beneficial in removing the allergens such as dust, animal dandruff, and mold spores from the house.

These devices help in eliminating indoor pollution and provide you a fresh and pure environment. You can buy one and cleanse the air you breathe.

Wrapping up

You and your family deserve to inhale a breath of fresh air, so make sure you don’t deprive them of this basic necessity. Follow the above-mentioned steps and fill your house with clean and fresh air.



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