A Bathroom Equipment Guide for Choosing the Right Accessories

Your bathroom deserves your attention – you spend significant amount of time there every day. That’s why it needs to be a comfortable, relaxing place just as much as it’s clean and neat. Designing a perfect bathroom depends a lot on the accessories you choose. If you don’t want to make any mistakes, this bathroom equipment guide will help you stay on the right track, and is another option to having a bathroom revamp

Bathtub Accessories

If you enjoy long, warm baths, then it’s important to enhance the experience with the right accessories. Bath racks are the first thing to install. The wider they are, the more room you’ll have for your bathroom essentials.
Bathroom mats are the next smart choice. They reduce the chance of slipping both inside and outside the bath. You just need to choose the one that matches the style of the bathroom in colour and size. In case you want a little bit of luxury, then opt for a memory foam bath mat that you can place anywhere you want.

Shower Accessories

First of all, shower storage is necessary so that you don’t need to keep toiletries on the floor. Just find what suits your needs best, either it’s a 3-tier shelving unit or a corner basket. It will prevent the residue from the bottles from building up.

Another handy accessory is a trio soap dispenser mounted on the wall. It will remove the need for bottles that usually clutter in the shower.

Lastly, a squeegee is very practical for removing excess water after taking a shower, which will leave the shower screen clean.


A Bathroom Equipment Guide for Choosing the Right Accessories

Toilet Accessories

A toilet is one of the most important items in a bathroom. Toilet roll holders are the necessary accessories and are available in various styles, both with a vertical and horizontal orientation. Some of them can be moved while others need to be fixed.

Another accessory is the toilet brush, along with a holder. You can choose the wall-hung kind or the ones that stand on the floor. Still, the wall-hung version makes it easier for you to clean the bathroom without tipping over the holder. Keep in mind that in some countries, for example, Australia, toilets are not installed in the bathrooms but in another room. And Australian toilets have a half-flush and a full-flush lever, which is a common toilet to look for in any quality bathroom store in Sydney. If you have the chance to get one in your city – get it because it’s also more economical.

Washbasin Accessories

The most common washbasin accessory is definitely a soap dispenser. Dispensing a liquid soap is much more hygienic than using ordinary soap. Choose between a manual and an automatic dispenser. The manual dispenser can even dispense foam or powder and works when pressed. The automatic type is used more in commercial areas where people don’t have to touch the dispenser at all as it is has a sensor.

Chrome Accessories

Gleaming chrome really takes any bathroom to another level. You don’t have to go all chrome in the bathroom. A couple of carefully chosen chrome accessories will do. Think about two or three robe hooks for your dressing gowns and towels. A chrome towel ring is a neat addition, too. Next, buy chrome tumblers with toothbrush holders, as well as a chrome bathroom bin for additional waste. You can expand the chrome accessories by also opting for chrome taps, showerheads and heated tower rails. They are all necessary but also look stylish when made of chrome.

When it comes to other materials, plastic is the cheapest option and plastic materials come in the greatest number of colours. However, plastic models are easily destroyed so the question is – how much money would you really save?

A Bathroom Equipment Guide for Choosing the Right Accessories

Lighting Accessories

You may think that lighting isn’t an important accessory to the bathroom but think again. It has several purposes – when it’s installed correctly, it shines light exactly where it’s necessary so that a person can apply makeup or shave their beard easily. The right type of lighting also provides the right type of ambiance if you want to spend a relaxing evening in a hot bath with a glass of wine.

You need to look for the type of lighting that will both illuminate the whole bathroom but also give it a comfortable feel. Look for wall sconces and pendants but bear in mind the size of the bathroom.

Final Comment

Of course, these bathroom accessories are not representing the final list. Every person has their own specific needs, meaning you can add whatever you want to the list if you find it important. Just take your time when looking for the accessories – even though most of them are small, they are crucial for making your bathroom a clean, practical and cosy place. After all, it is a room you visit a couple of times a day, every day of your life.

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