Brighter is Better: 8 Simple Tips to Brighten Up Your House

There are several elements that you want in your home that will significantly improve the overall look of your house. For example, having high ceilings help make your home feel and look spacious.

In relation, one element that you want to have in your house to brighten it up is a good and reliable light.

The great thing about having a well-lit house is that it can make your house seem bigger, which could come in handy when you have limited space. It can also help brighten up space in terms of colour, which will help if your house’s colour scheme is drab and dark.

Now, all you need to reap these benefits is to get your house set up to have better lighting, and here are eight simple tips to do that:

1. Use a mirror for light reflection

Natural light is a valuable resource that you would want flowing into your home. However, the walls and the general floor plan of your house might make it difficult for certain parts to receive the same amount of natural light.

To solve this, you can use a mirror to help reflect that natural light all over a room. In fact, people have always used strategic mirror placements in a house as a way to make a room look bigger.

Therefore, if you use a mirror to reflect light, it will have the additional effect of brightening up your house and extending a room’s visual space.

2. Consider light lamp shades

If there are pockets and corners of your home that could use a little brightness, then buying a few lamps can help.

However, you must be more deliberate of the lampshades that you use for these lamps. If you use darker lampshades, then light might have a more difficult time penetrating through the darkness.

It might be better to opt for lighter lampshades, especially for lamps in communal areas like the living room. You might be able to get away with darker lampshades if you’re in a private space, like the master’s bedroom.

However, if you want an airy and refreshing look to an area, then a light lampshade can do that.

3. Invest in transparent furniture

A curious interior designing step that will help you brighten up a dark room is incorporating more transparent furniture in your home.

Transparent furniture can bring up an image of a plastic-like item, which can’t be the best for all houses. However, a glass coffee table can serve as a piece of “transparent” furniture that will look classy and elegant in any room.

With that said, transparent furniture can help reflect natural light around a room. If you have a modern-style place that’s filled with dark walls and solid-coloured furniture, you can benefit from transparent furniture.

Plus, it will break through to the hardness of the room and soften up its look.

4. Choose the right wall colour

The wall colour that you choose for your home is going to significantly affect its brightness.

Brighter colours are going to brighten up the room. However, you shouldn’t use too jarringly bright colours like neons. Light pastel colours work great, but you’re free to choose whatever wall colour you want.

If you do choose darker wall colours, you can balance it out with light-coloured pieces of furniture.

5. Use light wood flooring

If you have rooms in your home that don’t have access to natural light, you can opt to use light wood flooring to offset the lack of light. Not to mention that it makes the floor scratches less obvious.

6. Add some greenery

Brightening up space doesn’t always mean increasing the light in a room. It also means freshening up the look of a space.

One way to brighten up any space is by adding some greeneries around your home. Just make sure to take care of your indoor plants well. Greeneries are a great touch, but not when they’re withering away.

7. Change light bulb to LEDs

According to Halcyon Lights LED lighting NZ, you have to make sure that your light fixtures all have LEDs in them.

LEDs generate brighter light for a less amount of energy. That way, you’re not only enjoying the light, but you’re also energy efficient.

8. Paint your ceiling white

The colour of your floors isn’t the only one that will affect the brightness of your room. The colours of your ceilings also can have a brightening or darkening effect.

If you want to make a room look bright and taller than it is, then paint your ceilings white. You shouldn’t paint your ceilings any other colour but the bright white. Don’t go off-white or any different iterations of white.


A bright home is going to feel more refreshing and welcoming both for you and your guests.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to look into brightening up your home, especially places that require more light.

The eight tips listed above are simple enough that you can do them yourself with no worries. So if there are any personal home projects you want to do, brightening up your home is the best choice.

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