5 Steps to Be the Best New Dog Parent

Getting a new dog sure is exciting, but remember that it also comes with great responsibilities. You need to make sure you are well informed about your pet’s needs before you welcome them home. These 5 tips will help you treat your dog with kindness and love that every animal deserves.

Consult your veterinarian

Before you even bring your pet home, you should consult your veterinarian. They will be able to tell you more about your pet’s personality, health history, and other important pieces of information you need to know before you bring your new dog home. Also, make sure you bring your dog to the veterinarian for the first check-up.

Ask them anything you want to know about your pet’s health and pattern as well as about steps you need to take to get them started the right way. Make sure to ask questions about pet health insurance and obedience classes too. Don’t forget to get a vaccination schedule and plan for the upcoming appointments as well.

Many vets offer a puppy plan that includes vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. If this is not offered it may be worth checking if the vet can offer anything, or look for over the counter meds if you need a cheaper solution.

Help your pet feel at home

Once you bring your new dog home, be aware of the fact that this is completely new territory for them. Don’t worry if your dog is scared and quiet at first. Your only job is to make sure they feel comfortable. Let your dog explore the area and get comfortable at their own pace.

Kindly ask your family to treat your dog with love and kindness and to be patient while the dog is getting used t the new house. Try not to scare the dog while they’re getting adjusted to the new space. Once they feel accepted in your family they will calm down.

Create a safe space for them by placing their food and water bowls next to a comfortable place for sleeping. This way you’re letting your dog know they are loved and appreciated. If you have any other pets in the house try to introduce them slowly. Let them have some time to gradually get familiar with each other. At first, let them interact for short time periods and under your supervision.

Feed them well

Feed your dog well. Make sure you know what their preference and health requirements are. Ask the veterinarian or the breeder what food you should be giving to your dog and then if any changes in their diet are needed slowly make a transition to the new food. Get well informed about allergies and stomach problems while your dog is getting used to the new diet. In case your dog shows any symptoms of digestion issues, contact your veterinarian. They will know based on their knowledge and experience what types of food are good for your dog. Based on what problems they are experiencing. Dogs love vegetables, unsure which they can eat, check out What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat

Protect them from being lost

You also need to register your dog in case they get lost and don’t know how to get back. You can always consult your veterinarian or ask the local animal shelter what you need to do in order to register your dog. For example, putting some identification marks like stainless steel dog id tags on your dog’s collar can be good prevention. By providing people with your basic contact information, ID tags will make you easily reachable to anyone who might find your dog on the street.

Train your pet from day one

Lastly, you need to train your dog from day one. You need to set concrete ground rules from the very beginning. In most cases, your new dog might have some habits that don’t go well with your family lifestyle. You need to establish some rules that your dog will learn how to follow.

Start with simple housetraining tasks and teach them where to go to the bathroom. You need to have patience wince there are certainly going to be some mistakes at the beginning. Reward your pet with a treat or a pat on the head each time they do something right. This way they will see that you are happy with their behaviour and will most likely try to repeat it.

Also, try to get active. Start leash training your dog and take them on regular walks or playtime. Show them appropriate ways to expend their energy by which toys are okay for chewing. Make sure you take their personalities and physical abilities when coming up with activities for them.


In conclusion, getting a new dog is like making friends. You’ll have some amazing time together and they will be the most loyal friend you’ve ever had. So make sure you are treating them right.


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