3 Ways to Reduce Your Kids Screen Time

Kids are introduced to screens at increasingly younger ages, and the prevalence of screens in our children’s lives often means they spend a lot more time playing outside.

In fact, research indicates that children spend 56% more time on technology than they do playing outdoors. While part of this is impacted by parental concerns over safety, the draw of screens is often hard for our little ones to resist.

While screen time can be a great resource for education, there can be too much of a good thing. Managing your child’s screen time isn’t always easy, and sometimes letting them have their way is easier than the tantrum after you’ve had a long day at work. One device that is great for screen-free fun is the Yoto player, which tells children stories with Yoto cards. There are plenty to choose from for all age groups.

However, if you’re seeking to distract your children with screen-free activities, here are just three fun things your children can do to keep them away from their devices.

Get the Family Involved

Kids learn by example, and if all of your time is spent scrolling apps on your phone, then they’re going to grow up copying this behaviour.

Start spending time outside as a family; perhaps take up a sport that you can all do together. Getting your little ones interested in a sport isn’t always easier, but if you’re doing it as a family, they’ll relish the opportunity to have your undivided attention.

Whether you spend time in your garden with a football or join a club where you can take up tennis or badminton, you’ll be sure to find a sport that you all love and will keep you all healthy and active.

Make Outdoor Play Appealing

Playing outside is a great way to boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of our little ones. They’ll keep active and grow their independence.

However, playing outside isn’t always as appealing as the games they can play on their tablets, so you need to make the prospect of playing outside seem more fun.

Consider filling your garden with toys, such as a play house or a Yvolution balance bike, as it will give your little ones outdoor activities that they can do, that don’t require you to always play as well.

Children not yet able to ride a bike, check out these tips for learning to ride a bike

Get Out and Explore

Don’t just limit your kids’ outdoor time to the garden. If you do, there’s a chance that they’ll get bored after a while. Instead, consider planning regular day trips that will let you explore fun areas near home.

Knowing what’s out there isn’t always out there, but luckily the National Trust website lists some great ideas for day trips that will keep your little ones busy for hours as well as introducing them to the country’s history and culture.

Plus, not only will you keep your kids away from their screens for a day, you’ll also create some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you have any strategies for cutting back screen time without causing tantrums? Share your tips in the comments below!

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