3 Big Ticket Gifts to Give Your Family on Christmas

Many people look forward to the holiday season as it is a joyous occasion where they can spend time with their loved ones. Often, one of the highlights of every family celebration is the presents. Like most individuals, you want to make sure the gifts you give are special and something the receiver will appreciate. This can mean going to different stores and getting multiple gifts for every member of your family. Another option is to make one large purchase or to buy a big-ticket item that everyone in your family can use and enjoy, like home appliances. 

The best thing about gifting electronic devices is they can be great investment pieces. And if you get them from high-quality suppliers and brands, they will last you for a long time. In addition, the Christmas season is the best time to purchase electronic appliances with the different special deals available. In case you are searching for some amazing Christmas gift ideas, here are some big-ticket gifts you can give to your family.

Smart TV

Many appliance stores have different smart televisions on holiday sale so you will have a lot of options to choose from. A smart TV is a great gift that everyone in your family can enjoy. It can encourage holding weekly movie nights or watching your favorite shows together. As more streaming sites are now available in the Philippines, getting a smart TV is a wise choice. While your regular television provides the local channels and cable programs, a smart television lets you access a large variety of shows, movies, and music from online sources. Also, some smart TVs have features that let you browse the web, play games, and access compatible media content from your computer.

Depending on the streaming apps you will use, some require monthly subscriptions or pay-per-view fees. While this might seem like additional costs, it gives you the freedom to select specific channels and content you want to subscribe to. Some smart TV brands would also have app stores where you can download additional apps to your device for free. This provides you with more media choices.

Washing Machine

While some households continue to do their laundry by hand, many people are appreciating the convenience of using washing machines—especially for those with big families. Doing the laundry via washing machine saves a lot of time and effort, and newer models are water-efficient as well. There are different washing machine models and brands, so you have a lot of options to choose from depending on your family’s needs.

Before you purchase a washing machine, you need to consider several factors, including its capacity and if you need a top or front load. If you have a family of four, select a washing machine with a load capacity of around six to seven kilos. For medium to large families, get up to 10-kilo capacity. This is also a great option if you want to use the machine to wash bed sheets and blankets. 

Take note that you need to also check the outer dimensions of the machine such as height, width, and depth. Remember to allocate extra space between the machine and the wall of the area you will place it in. Ideally, there should be one to three inches of space at each side and four to six inches at the back.

Another consideration is if you will get a traditional top-load machine or a front-load one. Some people prefer top-load washing machines because they are more affordable and comfortable to load laundry in. You won’t need to bend over to put laundry in the machine so this is also ideal for older users or people with joint issues. In addition, top-load machines allow you to add clothes after starting the cycle without spilling the contents, which is something you can’t do with a front loader.

On the other hand, many front-load washers have the highest spin speed and leave less water in the load—reducing clothes drying time. They are also gentler on clothes and use less electricity and water than top load ones. Consider these factors when choosing the right washing machine for your family, as you want to be able to tackle piles of laundry easily and efficiently.

Air Conditioner

In a tropical country like the Philippines, even the -ber months can be very hot and uncomfortable. An air conditioning unit can be considered an essential home appliance as it can provide relief and keep your family safe from heatstroke. So whether you want to replace your old unit or want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient air conditioner, consider checking out the inverter air conditioners available in the market today.

Traditional non-inverter units have compressor motors that only run at full speed. When it has effectively cooled the room, the motor turns off and turns back on when the temperature starts to get warm again. The process repeats as long as you are using the unit, which consumes a lot of energy.

Comparatively, while inverter air conditioners cost more than non-inverter units, they are worthy investments. Since they require less energy to maintain a room’s temperature, your electricity bill won’t skyrocket even if you have them on for the entire day. This is all due to the inverter technology. When adjusting to the room’s temperature, the compressor in an inverter air conditioner controls the speed of the motor. Once the room has reached the assigned cool temperature, the compressor motor lowers the speed. This saves energy and reduces the refrigerant needed to cool the room. So even if an inverter aircon is a big-ticket purchase, it can save your family more money in the long run.

Compared to buying different items, opting for a large purchase like a home appliance can make Christmas shopping easier. Focusing your gifts budget on just one or two purchases also allows you to splurge on something everyone can enjoy.  In this way, you can be sure that your Christmas gift will be useful and appreciated by all.

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