Less Than Ten Weeks To Go! Waterbirth Anyone ?

Well, 30 weeks have certainly flown by, not sure it seemed this quick with the other pregnancies, but I am not complaining. I had my 30 week check on Thursday and the midwife confirmed that wiggly is indeed head down, but not yet engaged –  that would explain the feeling of having a watermelon between … Read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 24 Mum v Consultant Round 2

This week I have reached 24 weeks and I feel enormous!! Back Pain and loose ligaments are a common twinge daily. As you will know at my 16 week appointment I was told by my consultant’s registrar that a homebirth was out of the question and they would not allow it. Although I knew, that regardless of … Read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

This week we had our 22 week check with the midwife. My doctor’s surgery appontments are only on Friday mornings, which would mean I would have to take two litle ones with me, which would be chaos, as it turns out this Friday I had all six at home ill, so that would have been … Read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 21 – Scan and Gender !

It is a little crumpled because Tyrus has hugged it so much!! Yesterday we went for our 20 week scan, I am pleased to say that everything was absolutely perfect. although a very wiggly baby, so Eowyn does indeed have its name right. The scans have changed quite dramatically since I first saw Xene on … Read more

Pregnancy Diary Week 16 Mum v Consultant

I am very behind writing these up, its not easy when all six children are home for the holidays! But peace has now returned and its time to catch up!! Week 16 I had an appointment with the consultant at the hospital, although I had a home birth with Tyrus with no problems, because I … Read more

Pregnancy Diary – Week 14

So, I have decided to keep a pregnancy diary as I have been hopeless at recording things with the other children, thank goodness for blogging!! According to the pregnancy books ‘wiggly’ is now 8-9cm long – half the size of a Banana… The fingerprints have now developed, how amazing is that!! I may start to … Read more

We Are Back !!

Just after Christmas all six of the children came down with a VERY nasty bug of high temperature and headaches, it was awful. At the end of January they had all seemed to recover and then I began to get ill, but not the same, I was tired all of the time and being sick, … Read more