Is Your Car Due An MOT

Yesterday I was having a HUGE clear-out in the office, I could barely fit my new notebooks into the drawers because they were so full of paperwork, so I went through all the files and discarded all of the pointless bits of paper and checked that each of the family files had the relevant paperwork … Read more

Regular car servicing and maintenance

Your car is a valuable investment and you should therefore take great care of it. The best way of doing this is by taking it for regular service and maintenance. Below are some benefits of regular car servicing and maintenance: – Your safety and the safety of other road users increase. – It performs better … Read more

Teaching Your Teens About Driver Safety

Getting behind the wheel and finally achieving independence is really important for a lot of teens and that 17th birthday just can’t come fast enough. As a parent, this can be quite a daunting time because you are naturally conflicted by your desire to keep them close and safe and their need to spread their … Read more

What to be Aware of When Adapting a Car for a Disabled User

Thanks to a wide range of clever adaptations and technologies, it is now easier than ever for those with a range of disabilities to drive. This is important, as it can provide an immense sense of freedom and independence and help people to lead their daily lives. This is furthered by the excellent Motability Scheme, … Read more

Is Your Car Ready For A Long Journey?

This weekend Xene is heading back to university and it is my turn to drive her back, which is a 10 hour round trip, so I need to make sure the car is in the best condition it can be. Although both times that Asa has driven Xene back it is me that has had … Read more

The school run gets easier with a Vauxhall Zafira Tourer.

My school run every day now consists of depositing six children at four different educational establishments, I can no longer use the 5 seater car that we have (unless I want to do two trips!) so the very lovely people at Vauxhall allowed me to get behind the wheel of a Zafira Tourer and here’s … Read more

Top Tips for Bad Weather Driving.

With the clocks going back in a couple of weeks, the weather will start to turn much colder, which will mean driving conditions will become more testing, so here are top five tips for Winter Driving. 1.Driving in Wet Conditions. With the amount of rain we get in the UK, we need to ensure we … Read more