Not Quite A Garden Of Eden… But, Close Enough!

A lot of families love to use their gardens. These areas of the home provide a great place to have some fun and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, though, most people don’t make the most of their outdoor space. Instead, areas will be wasted for rubbish and other items. And, some areas may not even be … Read more

Fabulous Family Focused Gardens!

No matter whether you’re looking to splash the cash or save a few pennies it’s easy to create a fabulous family garden! The best thing you can do when it comes to outdoor spaces is to relax, let go of any grand plans for topiary or herbaceous borders and don’t worry about kids getting getting … Read more

How Your Garden Can Improve Your Life

A little piece of soil on this earth is all we need to survive.  For centuries humans relied on what was provided by the natural environment.  Starting from our cavemen roots where we hunted for our food and ate only the things we could prepare by hand or find in the forests, this meant we … Read more

How to be safe when Gardening

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about getting the garden into some kind of order, I didn’t realise the importance of this when I was younger, I thought it all just happened by magic, but after have the most spindly apple trees that broke as soon as the apples got any … Read more

Phil Spencer gets your garden in shape

When we first looked at buying our house 10 years ago, the one thing that immediately sold it to us, was the garden, Asa had spent a couple of summers whilst at uni working with a landscape gardener, plus he adores being outdoors, fast forward to now and the garden has really started to take shape, and … Read more

Master The Dark Art Of Gardening (With Diapers)

Gardening is more than just a chore, it’s a lifestyle. It’s something that helps people to unwind and get closer to nature. Gardening has repeatedly been shown to help stressed out parents relax. It can lower blood pressure and is a great substitute for walking or other exercises. What’s more, you get to learn a … Read more

Gardens 2 You -The perfect place to brighten up your Garden

As I am sure you have heard me say before we are very fortunate to have a large garden, which the children spends lots of time in. Our garden has lots of different areas, including a large patio, a raised play area where the childrens swings/slides/monkey bars are, and through a secret passage to the lawned … Read more

Hey Hey R U Ready To Play!

All of our children LOVE being outdoors and playing, one of the reasons we chose this house was the half acre garden for the children.  When we first moved in we had four children, now we have seven!! For the past six years we have been steadily growing plants around all of the boundaries to … Read more

Big Butterfly Count 2011

The Big Butterfly Count 2011 takes place from 16th July – 7th August and we are taking part Fifteen minutes peace and quiet, with children sat as still as mice trying to spot butterflies, its fantastic!Wonder if I could convince them that the rest of August is the big bumblebee count…or moles…or dragonflies, anything that … Read more