#DriveHappy Stories with Febreze

According to a recent survey commissioned by Febreze, a bad smell tops Brits’ list of turn offs when getting into someone’s car. The smell Brits would least like to be stuck with in their car with? One in four (24%) agreed it was wet dog, which is unlucky for the more than one in 20 … Read more

A Day Out In London

Last Friday, Viggo and I attended Brit Mums Live in London, it was the first time that Viggo had been on a train!! He certainly enjoyed climbing up the seats to try and eat the little cardboard reserved signs… We haven’t been to London as a family for quite some time, so I began thinking … Read more


Decorating the tree, seeing Christmas lights and opening a stocking top list of adults’ favourite festive traditions New research out today from the National Trust reveals Brits are never too old for childhood Christmas customs, with nearly a third of 18-55 year olds (31 per cent) admitting that they still hang their stocking out for … Read more

Cravendale Experience

Lovecravendale is the exciting new rewards club that offers you the chance to try new experiences and have fun as a family. We were asked to choose an activity to try out, being very heavily pregnant I thought it best to try something slightly less adventurous than scuba diving, so we opted for a Bowling Experience, … Read more

Go Ape This Summer

My children love the outdoors and they are always looking for ways to test and push themselves, they love nothing more than climbing trees and can often be found doing impressions of Robin Hood or Tarzan, I also have to add that their dad is usually the first one up there, and he is definitely … Read more

Road Trip Challenge Off To Windy castle

Money Supermarket are offering a fantastic Road Trip Challenge They will give you £50 of petrol to take the family out on a trip. Many of the posts I had seen said about taking the family to the seaside, but we are very lucky and only live five minutes from a lovely sandy beach, so we … Read more

Thorpe Park Anyone ?

I have to admit that I am a tiny bit excited! I have not visited Thorpe Park since I was a teenager and I am sure that it has grown beyond all belief. The children all ADORE theme parks, so this will certainly be an enjoyable family day out. If you are looking for a … Read more

Affordable UK Days Out

I have very few memories of being inside when I was a child. My days were spent playing on the farm and travelling around the country to make the most of what the UK had to offer. Yet I can’t help thinking that nowadays children’s memories will be of films they watched and games they … Read more