Milestone Moments with Graco

Seven children in 18 years gives us quite a few milestones! Although each and every one is memorable, one of the first things I had to think about before giving birth was a car seat, as the midwife explained at my booking visit, that was one thing that I HAD to have with me, or … Read more

Foot Notes: Keeping Your Baby Warm From Head To Toe

There are tons of baby clothes out there. Baby-grows, onesies, tees, leggings, hats, scratch mitts, jackets, jumpers. You name it; there’s a baby version in the window of your local maternity or baby store. But people often forget about sufficiently covering their babies’ feet. They might not be able to walk yet, but that doesn’t … Read more

`New’ things being learnt every day

I cannot believe where the time has gone, already Viggo is four months old, although he is in 9-12 month clothes! Last week he learnt his latest trick, along with blowing the most impressive bubbles whilst blowing  raspberry, he has learnt the first step on the road to freedom, rolling over. He thinks it is hilarious, … Read more